Updates to Mad Rock Flash 2018

The Mad Rock Flash 2018 is crafted with a combination of medium stiffness and adequate flexibility to give senders a boost in maneuverability without sacrificing support. Its designers went back to the drawing board to modernize some of the key aspects found in its predecessor—the Flash 2.0.

Compared with the one that came before it, this new version has a snugger toe zone. This upgrade aims to grant the climber enhanced toeing precision.

This iteration has a revamped design overall. Its profile is sleeker compared with its predecessor. The sticky patch around its toe zone (inner side) is also wider than the previous model’s.


Downturn. The Flash 2018 from Mad Rock is a moderately downturned climbing shoe. Its middle-of-the-road downward camber delivers precision on edge-type footholds and enough forefoot-to-surface contact for smears. Moderate offerings like the Flash 2018 provide sufficient comfort for extended climbs.

Applications. This well-rounded rock climbing shoe is engineered specifically for bouldering. Its target audience includes entry-level climbers and intermediate senders. Owners may use it both indoors and outdoors.


A low-cut rock shoe for men is the Mad Rock Flash 2018. It has an asymmetric shape, which means the foot will contort inward within its snug confines. As far as stretch is concerned, the shoe might not provide a lot, thanks to its synthetic-slash-leather upper. The thin yet sturdy construction of its 3D heel promises a locked-in heel fit. What allows for a personalized lockdown in this gear, on the other hand, is the shoe’s heavy-duty hook-and-loop closure.


Midsole. The supportiveness of the Flash 2018 mostly comes from its hard-wearing midsole. It is made entirely of polycarbonate and has a thickness of 1.4 mm.

Outsole. For surface traction underfoot, the Flash 2018 uses a company-exclusive outsole, called Science Friction 3.0. This sufficiently sticky layer is made of a rubber compound developed locally in the United States. Its thickness is three times that of its midsole at 4.2 mm.


To don the Mad Rock Flash 2018 means to be seen in its partly leather, partly synthetic (Syn Flex) main shell. It has a total of three pull loops for quicker on and off. Mad Rock designers imbued its lower perimeter with Science Friction R2—the brand’s very own randing tech—to make the shoe grippy enough around tricky features and projections.

The Flash 2018’s Velcro closure comes with not one but two highly adjustable straps. Both straps are built with hook-and-loop fasteners. They are set through ladder-type buckles made beveled for easier adjustments.


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