Updates to Lowa Ticam II GTX

  • Lowa guarantees that the Ticam II GTX backpacking boot, is now lighter and better-fitting than its predecessor. The new mix of materials used in this latest iteration has about an 80-gram difference from the 1st version.
  • The Ticam II GTX is now equipped with a Vibram Apptrail that makes use of the XS Trek compound. It has aggressive lugs that promote and enhance traction on a variety of terrain.
  • Lowa retained a number of its patented technologies in the newest version of this boot. The C4 tongue and X-Lacing with tongue stud still address comfort. The Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining ensures a breathable environment while the Flex Fit and Lowa Flex enhance democratic movement of the ankles and better heel fit.
  • The Climate Control Footbed, DuraPU with the SPS (Supination Pronation Support) system and a hard stabilizer are the midsole's components. Together, they maintain a supportive and a natural stride

Size and fit

The Lowa Ticam II GTX is a men’s backpacking boot. Its wide variant is shaped using the WXL last which has an extended toe box and offers more volume on the instep.

To render autonomy on fit adjustment, Lowa has incorporated the 2-zone lacing and I-Lock system in the Ticam II GTX. The 2-zone lacing divides the boot into two areas—the upper and forefoot—that permit users to adjust the fit individually. The I-Lock system works in conjunction with the 2-zone lacing. It is a cam lace loop that holds the laces tightly and permits separation of the tension between the ankle and the instep area.


The exclusively developed outsole for Lowa—the Vibram Apptrail—uses an XS Trek compound. This compound is engineered to deliver stability while creating a balance between grip and durability. It enables the Lowa Ticam II GTX to be receptive even on the trickiest terrains.

The pronounced treads on the Vibram Apptrail ensure that there is increased contact with the ground. The 90-degree lugs on the forefoot and heel further enhance grip and braking ability. Its self-cleaning grooves ensure that mud and dirt are not trapped in the outsole as it can weaken the boot's traction.


This backpacking boot from Lowa features the DuraPU midsole reinforced with the Supination Pronation Support (SPS) system. This is one of Lowa’s signature components which delivers shock absorption, long-lasting comfort and rebound. The SPS system, another Lowa exclusive, is the placement of TPU inserts in the softer PU mold. It permits the Ticam II GTX to promote proper gait, thus preventing supination and overpronation which can cause discomfort on long-distance journeys.

With a Climate Control Footbed, the inside environment is kept fresh and dry. It has a breathable top layer and a foam that conforms to the shape of the user’s foot. Furthermore, this works with the Climate Control System of Lowa, which manages moisture inside the boots. This feature makes use of perforations on the boots’ upper that allows it to breathe. It permits moisture inside the pair to evaporate while walking.

Providing support and stability to the Lowa Ticam II GTX wearer is a hard stabilizer. This material is optimal for intense outdoor activities. The torsional rigidity from this feature helps prevent ankle twisting. This boot is also compatible with crampons.


The softness of split leather and durability of Cordura are what make up the upper of the Ticam II GTX. Split leathers are the underside of a hide which is less exposed to elements. They are known for their versatility. However, they are a tad less moisture resistant. Cordura, on the other hand, is made using high tenacity fibers which contribute to its resiliency and reliability.

This backpacking boot is lined with Gore-Tex Performance Comfort. This technology offers comfort for a wide range of outdoor environments—from moderate to cool conditions—as it brings breathability and modest insulation. It prevents water from seeping in the boots while allowing moisture inside to escape.

The Flex Fit and Lowa Flex are brand-patented technologies which further enhance the structure of the upper. Flex Fit includes a Flex Zone and a Lace Loop. This duplex feature allows a better ankle flex and improved heel fit. Alternatively, Lowa Flex comprises of free-moving hooks and lacing down to the toes which work in conjunction with the flex folds underneath the tongue. It relieves the pressure on the instep while giving the foot a secure lockdown especially on descents. 

With a C4 tongue and X-Lacing with a tongue stud, the Ticam II GTX promises an increased walking comfort. The C4 tongue has thicker padding towards the outside of the foot and ankles areas which are higher inside than the outside. It also has a flexible notch on the instep and soft padding along the top of the tongue. The X-Lacing with tongue stud ensures that the tongue stays in place, preventing hot spots and distributing pressure equally.

Additional Info

  • Lowa resoles their backpacking and trekking boots at a cost using the original materials. In case the original components are not available, Lowa uses ones that are of equal quality. Resoling is the repair of the sole by placing a new one.
  • The Ticam II GTX is compatible with strap-on crampons.
  • Other backacking boot options from the brand are the Camino GTX and Tibet GTX.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 816g
Use: Backpacking
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Lace-to-toe / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Lowa

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