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6 reasons to buy

  • A considerable number of Lowa loyalists were fascinated with the weight of this pair. They said that it was very lightweight and perfect for their backpacking trips.
  • It fits like a glove, as noted by numerous pleased users.
  • Many buyers gave two thumbs up for its sizing. According to them, they ordered their regular sizes and got the fit they wanted.
  • An expert appreciated the outsole of the Lowa Lady Light GTX. She commented that the traction made her feel secure even when carrying a heavy pack.
  • The boot was very supportive, as mentioned by several wearers.
  • The Lowa Lady Light GTX renders comfort with its roomy toe box.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A low percentage of users were unimpressed with the appearance of the Lady Light GTX. They noted that it looked too bulky for them.
  • Its default insole was criticized by a professional gear critic for having insufficient cushioning.

Bottom line

The Lowa Lady Light GTX satisfied users with its lightweight design and excellent fit. Its accurate sizing and support were also approved by consumers. Its grippy outsole made an expert felt secure. The spacious toe box delivers comfort too. Nevertheless, a few were unenthusiastic with the bulky look of the boot. A respectable review website also wasn’t too thrilled with the footwear’s inadequately cushioned stock insole.

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Good to know

  • The upper of the Lady Light GTX features nubuck leather lined with Gore-Tex Performance Comfort. It combines a durable and waterproof material for optimum performance. This combination is made possible by Lowa’s Minimal Seams which also prevent friction, thus promoting comfort. It also has the X-Lacing technology that comes with a stud. This component keeps the tongue in place and supplies other benefits. The C4-Tongue increases walking comfort.
  • The materials used for the midsole mainly provide comfort and support. This pair has the proprietary DuraPU with Supination Pronation Support (SPS) System which prevents overpronation and supination. It helps eliminate foot fatigue as well.
  • With the Climate Control Footbed, the inside of this Lowa hiking boot remains fresh and dry through its breathable layer. It works in conjunction with the Climate Control System of the brand. A medium nylon stabilizer is used for support.
  • The outsole of the Lady Light GTX renders grip through its Vibram Trac Lite II. Its profile is chiefly designed for outdoor use.

Lady Light GTX is a women’s backpacking boot. Its lacing hardware uses a combination of fabric loops and open hooks for fit customization. The female-specific fit comes from the last where it was built on.

With the Vibram Trac Lite II, the Lady Light GTX is able to render optimal ground performance to users. Its tread has deep, open grooves design which allows grip in various terrain. Likewise, it offers ample flexibility.

Lowa’s Lady Light GTX utilizes a DuraPU with SPS System in its midsole. Polyurethane (PU) is used in the footwear industry because it can maintain its resiliency in the long run. It doesn't compress easily and can retain its shape over time. The Supination Pronation Support (SPS) System, is embedded into the softer part of the PU mold through TPU inserts. Users benefit from this technology as it corrects gait, preventing overpronation or supination. Fatigue is also reduced especially when tackling long distances. Additional support is supplied by a medium nylon stabilizer.

The patented Climate Control Footbed of Lowa has a breathable layer and a slow-reacting foam for an adjustable fit. It works with the Climate Control System of Lowa which helps keep the foot dry and manages airflow in and out of the Lady Light GTX. With the right amount of ventilation, blisters and hot spots are prevented.

The Lady Light GTX features a wear-resistant nubuck leather upper. This type of leather has a smooth and velvety feel. This material is lined with a waterproof Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membrane–a technology that helps maintain the breathability and comfort of the shoe. It also has moderate insulation that permits users to experience comfort in mild to cool outdoor conditions. The construction of the upper uses fewer seams, thru its Minimal Seams construction to prevent possible chafing and hot spots.

With patented technologies applied to this backpacking boot, the brand promises long-lasting comfort and hassle-free ride. The X-Lacing system, which uses a stud, secures the tongue in place through the laces. This knob ensures that the tongue maintains its position vertically and horizontally to distribute pressure evenly. It helps prevent slippage and pressure points, thus reducing the occurrence of blisters.

The C4-Tongue cradles the foot with its anatomically shaped design. It promotes comfort and eliminates the need for an extended break-in period. It features an asymmetrical padding, a soft edging found on the top of the tongue, a flexible, curved insert and recessed ankle areas.

Its heel and toe rands protect the upper from abrasions. The latter safeguards the user's foot against accidental bumps on rocks and other on-trail obstacles.

Lady Light GTX is resoleable. Lowa resoles the boots at an additional cost using the original materials. However, in case the original materials are not available, they select materials that are of equal quality.


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