Updates to Lowa Camino GTX

  • Lowa Camino GTX has a Vibram Apptrail outsole with pronounced lugs. They have a self-cleaning ability which promotes better traction and grip on irregular terrains.
  • A PU midsole with SPS Cushioning (Supination/Pronation System), takes care of the movements of the foot and provides comfort. This system aids in proper foot rotation, thus, avoiding fatigue and injuries on long hikes. The insole works together with the climate control system of the boot to let moisture evaporate.
  • Lowa Flex and FlexFit are combined in the Lowa Camino GTX. The former uses the X-lacing technology which makes use of freely moving hooks and a tongue stud. These two components allow a more personalized fit and proper tongue alignment. The anatomically contoured C4 tongue improves comfort. It also helps eliminate pressure points. The latter makes use of the Flexzone and Laceloop to promote a smooth ankle flex and snug heel fit.
  • The upper uses the GTX Performance Comfort Footwear which makes the boot breathable and waterproof. This membrane keeps the feet dry while allowing moisture to escape.

Size and fit

The Lowa Camino GTX is a men’s boot. It makes use of the Flexzone and Laceloop technology for an enhanced heel fit and ankle flex. It has open and closed lacing hooks, and ball bearing eyelets for fit customization. The padded collar adds comfort.


The Camino GTX features the Vibram Apptrail outsole. It provides traction on various terrains. The distinct front heel edges ensure a safe descent. The prominent treads promote increased trail contact and steady grip. The deep lugs of the sole are self-cleaning too.


The midsole of Lowa’s Camino GTX uses the DuraPU foam with SPS Cushioning. The stiff PU (polyurethane) midsole is shaped from 5mm at the heel to 3mm at the front. It is known to be supportive, durable and environmentally friendly.

TPU inserts are embedded into the softer PU mold. These are responsible for the SPS or the Supination/Pronation System of Lowa. This structure addresses overpronation and supination by encouraging correct gait, preventing discomforts and fatigue.

The Lowa Camino GTX makes use of a hard, nylon stabilizer that provides prime support for the outdoors. It is lightweight and can help alleviate strain from the arches.

The patented Lowa insole, the Climate Control footbed, has a breathable top layer and foam that cradles the foot for customization. This insole diminishes friction and fatigue while working with Lowa’s Climate Control System. It keeps the feet dry and serves as the trekker’s defense against blisters and hot spots. This system also uses perforations in the boot’s collar to allow air to enter. The walking motion drives heat and moisture out through the holes.


The Lowa Camino GTX upper is made of 2.2mm thick nubuck leather and lined with the GTX Performance Comfort Footwear. The lightweight leather is durable and abrasion-resistant. The GTX lining ensures that the feet remain dry when traversing wet grounds. It also assists in maintaining the breathability of the boot.

The upper is built with Lowa Flex. The ball bearing loops along the toes, which are set towards the free moving lace hooks, allow smooth pulling of the laces. They secure the foot and enable it to move at ease, preventing strain across the toes during descents.

FlexFit technology from Lowa promises a comfortable ankle flex through the flex zone and improved heel fit with the flexible lace loop. It enables agile movement without compromising protection and stability.

The patented C4 tongue and X-lacing technology of Lowa are also incorporated into the boot. The C4 tongue is designed to increase walking comfort. It has an asymmetrical padding which is anatomically contoured to inhibit the tongue from sliding. It also helps in eliminating pressure points. The top of the tongue is designed with a softer padding to hinder the leather edges from rubbing the wearer’s shins. The flex notch at the base of the instep also allows the boot to adapt, preventing tension on top of the foot. The X-lacing technology uses a knob which aligns the tongue and ensures that it is firmly secured for an enhanced instep comfort.

The other features of the Camino GTX include a protective heel rand and toe cap. Both parts protect the upper from abrasions and accidental bumps.


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