Who should buy the Lems Waterproof Boulder Boot

When freedom of movement is of the essence, the Lems Waterproof Boulder Boot comes in full swing. You are its target audience if:

  • You need a shoe in which you can feel the ground as much as possible without dumbed-down protection.
  • A barefoot experience — where you depend on your technique more than on the boot itself — is what you're after.
  • You want debris to be completely barred out.

Who should NOT buy it

Looking for a minimalist kick that comes with an extra-thin sole unit? If so, go the Vivobarefoot Tracker FG route.

Also, if you're averse to crease-hungry kicks, particularly around the forefoot flex point, skip the featured boot and opt for the Xero Shoes Xcursion instead.

The featherweight Waterproof Boulder Boot

Footwear critics are united about the Lems Waterproof Boulder Boot’s extreme lightness. FYI: this hiker is approximately 200 g lighter than the average weight of 550 g per boot.

Non-stop pampering

This boot from Lems, to footwear pundits, is incredibly comfy and gives a broken-in feel right out of the box.

Gives the Waterproof in its name justice

Trusted vloggers say that this offering is quite impermeable. The featured boot is perfect for sloshing around creeks, says one of them.

Lems Waterproof Boulder Boot: An exemplary contortionist

Its high packability is a hit among professional gear reviewers. They prefer to curl it into a ball to give other travel items a bigger luggage room.

A champion in adhesion

Experienced hikers-slash-testers find the Waterproof Boulder Boot immensely sticky. It adheres quite well on man-made walkways and moderately moist terrain alike.

The Waterproof Boulder Boot gives space

This is particularly true around the toe box, which shoe authorities are very fond of.

A walled-off experience

The intimate construction of the Waterproof Boulder Boot leaves minimal room around the collar for debris to invade. There is also the hiker’s gusseted tongue, which keeps grainy particles, even crushed mulch, from entering the boot's confines.

Attracts crow's feet

According to a vlogger, unlike the vegan counterpart or the nylon Boulder Boot, this hiker develops creases when kept folded in a pack for extended periods.

Instant success on Kickstarter

Its first production was launched as a campaign on Kickstarter. The project was fully funded a month after the campaign’s launch!

Facts / Specs

Weight: 366g
Use: Light Hiking, Urban hiking
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Lightweight / Minimalist / Orthotic friendly / Zero drop / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Lems

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