Who should buy the Lake MXZ400

The Lake MXZ400 is a solid option if:

  • You are looking for a cycling shoe insulated enough to provide warmth during cold days.
  • You are after a bike companion that prevents you from spending money for a replacement because of its sturdiness. 
  • A shoe with the ability to keep the water out is what you prefer. 
  • You prefer a shoe that is not is noting tiring to wear because of its lightweight nature. 

Who should not buy the Lake MXZ400

The Lake MXZ400 might not be for wearers looking for a cycling shoe rigid enough to deliver excellent power transfer. Unfortunately, an expert reviewer finds this pair's sole to be too flexible than what he is used to. Also, folks looking for a shoe that offers a lasting pleasant underfoot experience might likewise have to take this Lake shoe off their list. A commenter claims that the insoles scrunch up inside the shoe after 3+ hours of riding. Lastly, the MXZ400 might not also appeal to riders who prefer a shoe that takes less time to put on and off. That said, they might want to have a look at other cycling winter boots to find the most ideal pair. 

Light and cozy

The majority of reviews rave over the Lake MXZ400's level of comfort. Moreover, several users are pleasantly surprised with the MXZ400's relatively lightweight, given its bulky design.

An efficient winter shield

The Lake MXZ400 is considered as 's extreme winter cycling boot. It banks on its older sibling's features and adds elements that increase the pair's warmth insulation. Dozens of users appreciate the pair's excellent insulation feature as it keeps their feet warm in chilly weather. A wearer who tried this boot for the first time for a couple of hours on a chilly day attested that his "feet were perfectly warm and dry the entire time." 

Strong enough to last

Many individuals, including experts, are impressed with this winter bike shoe's durable and premium quality materials and craftsmanship. That said, wearers can be confident that spending money on a replacement could be prevented because of the shoe's long-lasting ability.

Amplified comfort

A number of wearers applaud the model's dual BOA closure for its easy and on-the-go adjustments. They love that Lake MXZ400 allows them to control and adjust the tension to achieve enhanced comfort. 

No water allowed

The Lake MXZ400 earned some commendations from folks in the cycling community for its ability to keep their feet dry even in heavy rain.

A worthwhile investment

This cycling shoe by Lake is worth every penny for its overall performance says a few owners.