Who should buy the La Sportiva Zenit

The Zenit is a fully breathable climbing shoe made of knit fabric with a modern and attractive look. Many climbers stated that indoor climbing walls, for soloing and bouldering outside.

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Who should not buy the La Sportiva Zenit

Many climbers stated that this shoe is expensive and its blue rubber on the heel is too slick. They also mentioned that it feels like there is oil on their shoe when they use them. If you are looking for a shoe that will empower you to boldly send steeps like never before, you might want to check the Five Ten Crawe.

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Features of the La Sportiva Zenit


Dispelling the notion that climbing shoes are supposed to hurt to be worthy of the rock (or wall) just might be the Zenit’s reason for existing. In other words, you will be sending boulder projects in double the comfort while you got this bad boy on. Yes, climbing in it translates to pampered tootsies, and all thanks to the following:

  • Stuffiness has a lower chance of occurring—and running your day—in the Zenit because of this combination. Indeed, the freshness will be with you as you mount, shimmy, and toe your way up to the top.
  • Unlike the Zenit’s upper, where comfort comes from its high breathability, the shoe’s footbed provides that luxurious feel by being lined with premium leather.
  • This pairing is primarily about giving you extra footing support, particularly on tiny edges. This means that you can pull off more creative maneuvers minus the tired feet in the Zenit.

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Superb surface traction

Climbers mentioned that it renders superb traction, no matter whether you're squeezing between volumes at your local gym or navigating a precarious gritstone slab.

La Sportiva Zenit outsole

Supportive yet fairly sensitive 

Climbers stated that this shoe is supportive yet fairly sensitive where it matters, while also being hardwearing, particularly when used on indoor walls. 

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Comfortable fit and easy on-off

Constructed using a flexible, highly breathable knitted synthetic upper, climbers stated that it provides a super comfortable fit and with its dual Velcro closure, it makes them to wear it with ease.

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Alternatives to the La Sportiva Zenit

TC Pro

Named after professional climber Tommy Caldwell, the TC Pro is designed for the steep, specifically in the great outdoors. While having the same moderate downturn as the Zenit, the TC Pro favors the rock more with its highly randed leather upper.


When it comes to lightness, the La Sportiva Cobra is among the ones to beat. Just like the Zenit, it is mainly built for bouldering pursuits. That said, the thinness of its outsole (1.5 mm thinner than the featured shoe) will afford you more surface feel, but perhaps at the expense of longevity.

Katana Lace

Need more edging support for your next ascent? Then reach instead for the Katana Lace, which sports a full midsole. It is a pricier option (about $60 more expensive), but it can hook and smear sideways with extra stickiness than the Zenit.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 240g / Women 205g
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Comfort fit
Downturn: Moderate
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Fabric/Textile, Knit, Vibram
Lining: Unlined

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