Who should buy the La Sportiva TX Guide Leather

When hiker's approach involves scrambling over sandstone and bushwhacking through prickers, they stated that the La Sportiva TX Guide Leather is the shoe they highly recommend. They stated that it was created for alpine guides and mountain operators looking for a high-performance, long-lasting product with a climbing-oriented look & feel. Its torsion control and sticky rubber gave them a stable ride over varying terrain. They also stated that this shoe makes their long approach doesn't feel quite so long.

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Who should not buy the La Sportiva TX Guide Leather

Hikers with this shoe could be a tad roomier overall and they stated that it took them a while to break in this shoe. If you are looking for a shoe that allows you to hike, climb, and hang out to your heart’s content, you might want to check the Evolv Rebel.

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Features of the La Sportiva TX Guide Leather

Marketed as more than just a leather version of the original TX Guide, the TX Guide Leather comes with features that make it its own shoe. These unique elements are as follows:

  • The TX Guide Leather puts a stronger emphasis on climbing, thanks to its lacing system that is directly inspired by the Mythos. Once you get it laced up with the right tension—preferably one for the toe part and another for the instep—the shoe should be quite secure for trickier low-grade climbs.
  • This curious construction for a tongue provides twofold benefits. The first is better rearfoot hold, keeping your heel from sliding during lateral maneuvers. The second is the elimination of bunching, resulting in a comfier instep zone and allowing for quicker lace-ups, with or without socks on.
  • Returning in this model is the TX Guide’s TPU plate (shank). Its presence allows the sole unit to adapt to various ground conditions, upping stability as a result. It also provides extra rebound, boosting strides and preventing premature leg fatigue at the same time.

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Incredible grip and durability

Hikers loved its incredible outsole. They stated that it has a perfect combination of grip and durability while the pronounced heel facilitates braking downhill and provides greater grip when climbing.

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Amazing stability and dependable arch support

Many hikers stated that this shoe has what it takes to keep your footing steady on rubbly terrain and they also stated that it offers mighty support around its arch.

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Excellent edging performance

Hikers mentioned that the tip of this shoe is very established and allows you to keep the edge when climbing.

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Adaptable fit

Hikers stated that the enveloping Adaptable Fit shape of this shoe provides them maximum performance and also renders excellent adaptability to all types of feet.

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Alternatives to the La Sportiva TX Guide Leather


The lightest of the TX family of approach shoes, the La Sportiva TX2 is something you can opt for if speed is your top priority. It is also quite flexible, making it highly pack-friendly.


The La Sportiva TX4 is a piece that toughs it out on rugged and extended approaches without being too burly. It is also fully randed, which means you can be a bit more haphazard (or creative?) in climbing low-level boulders in it.

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Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 387g / Women 330g
Base model: La Sportiva TX Guide
Features: Breathable / Lightweight / Heel brake
Technology: Ortholite
Material: Leather
Top: Low

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Teddy Dondanville
Teddy Dondanville

Teddy is a professionally trained Apprentice Rock Guide with the American Mountain Guides Association and a Wilderness First Responder with the National Outdoor Leadership School. Besides guiding outdoor rock climbing, Teddy also has years of experience in route setting and coaching climbing indoors. Through his guiding, route setting, and coaching, Teddy has experimented with climbing shoes for over a decade.