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6 reasons to buy

  • Grippy: Whether on grass or rock, the La Sportiva TX5 Low GTX sticks magnificently, according to a footwear pundit.
  • Comfy: Several hikers and a professional blogger agree that this shoe is mighty comfortable.
  • Watertight: Like most Gore-Tex must-haves, the TX5 Low GTX is quite impermeable—a statement a critic backs 100%.
  • Durable: This approach shoe can tough out ruggedness and last through months of use.
  • Stable: Based on a professional review, the shoe gives sufficient footing balance over treacherous surfaces, including “rocky and technical terrain.”
  • Breathable: Keeping stuffiness at bay is among the TX5 Low GTX’s many reasons for existing.

1 reason not to buy

  • Weighty: To a seasoned shoe expert, the hiker falling on the heavier side of the weighing spectrum is a disappointment.

Bottom line

As far as versatility is concerned, the TX5 Low GTX may very well be the leader of the pack. Yes, in it, you will tackle trail-to-rock routes, manicured paths, and even via ferrata fixtures with a heightened sense of assurance in your step. While it might not be the lightest of the bunch, its many positives are just too good to pass up.

TX5 Low GTX vs. TX4

They say that competition is good but not when siblings are the ones pitted against each other. Fortunately, while the featured shoe and the La Sportiva TX4 are direct relatives, they are approach kicks and not really human, so on with the comparison!


Yes, the elephant in the room. The TX4 lacks water protection unlike the TX5 Low GTX. That said, because of this missing component, the competition is the one you will likely consider when it comes to…


Between the two La Sportiva approach shoes, the TX4 is the clear winner. Indeed, being about 100 grams lighter than the TX5 Low GTX is quite a draw.

Toe protection

Both participants in this head-to-head are sufficiently randed around the toe box. Having said that, the La Sportiva TX5 Low GTX takes things a bit further by having a shock-absorbent tip, which is actually part of the shoe’s Vibram outsole.

Asking price

There is roughly a 10-dollar difference between the TX5 Low GTX and the TX4, the latter of which being the cheaper.

Takeaway: if your approach adventures take place where moisture is almost always present and ruggedness is more pronounced, then the waterproof TX5 Low is the way to go. Otherwise, the budget-friendlier TX4 is a competent pick.

Additional info

The TX5 Low GTX’s mid-top brother is simply called TX5 GTX. This ankle-supportive offering, however, is primarily built for multi-day backpacking trips.


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