Who should buy the La Sportiva TC Pro

Co-developed by American professional rock climber Tommy Caldwell, the La Sportiva TC Pro is a moderate piece that revels in its multifacetedness. It is for you if:

  • You prefer vertical routes to short boulder projects.
  • Extra comfort and rigid support on fist-size or smaller edges are what you're after in climbing shoes.
  • Your climbing day translates to multi-pitch ascents, whether indoors or outdoors.

La Sportiva TC Pro buy

Who should not buy it

With an MSRP of approximately $200, the TC Pro is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you find that price tag towering, consider the budget-friendly La Sportiva Cobra instead. Also, if you value longevity above all else, the equally pricey Katana Lace is a fine alternative.

La Sportiva TC Pro no

TC Pro: A giver in trad

Reviewers in droves consider the La Sportiva TC Pro a magnificent shoe for trad climbing, thanks to its stiffness and sticky rand. 

La Sportiva TC Pro trad

Spectacular in fissures

Its combination of support and lateral adhesion makes it handle cracks like a king, as mentioned by many consumers and bloggers.

La Sportiva TC Pro crack

Something to prove durability-wise

The shoe's rubber rand detaching from the upper way too soon is a big disappointment to a couple of climbers.

La Sportiva TC Pro rand1

The La Sportiva TC Pro's dreamy confines

Gear authorities find the TC Pro remarkably comfy. They liked the plushness of its mid-high collar in particular.  

La Sportiva TC Pro comf

Edges are its thing

Mounting nubbins and edges in this rock climbing shoe is a spectacular experience, according to numerous experienced senders.

La Sportiva TC Pro edge

The TC Pro's dependable collar

Testers are impressed with the shoe's incredible ankle support.

La Sportiva TC Pro collar

But it comes at a price

Footwear pundits call the TC Pro a very expensive La Sportiva offering.

La Sportiva TC Pro price

Magnetic outsole

Climbers adore the TC Pro's highly tenacious Vibram outsole.

La Sportiva TC Pro outsole

La Sportiva TC Pro vs. Genius

La Sportiva is quite known for putting out rock climbing shoes that many people deem as high-quality. Case in point: the TC Pro. This product, however, shares the limelight with another climbing shoe from the same brand—the Genius. Choosing only one between the two can be a real dilemma. Fortunately for you, they have differences that can help you decide which one to keep and which one to pass up. These differences are as follows:

Downturn. The TC Pro has a moderate downturn. Its competitor, on the other hand, has an aggressive down-camber. Both their downturned beaks, however, are engineered with the same shape-retaining P3 technology.

Weight. In this area, the featured rock climbing shoe loses the crown to its rival. Yes, the La Sportiva Genius is lighter than the TC Pro by roughly 25 grams per shoe.

Price. While both offerings may not be considered the cheapest rock climbing shoes out there, the TC Pro has a slightly more appealing price tag. Indeed, it is about $5 less expensive than the Genius.

Outsole technology. The La Sportiva TC Pro comes with the Vibram XS Edge outsole, while its competition is equipped with the XS Grip 2 from the same outsole maker. There is a 1-mm difference between the two outsoles in terms of thickness, with the Genius being the thinner component.

Cuff height. The La Sportiva TC Pro climbing shoe has a mid-top collar height, while the Genius is designed with a low-cut ankle cuff.

VERDICT: If your preferred routes require you to deal with ledges and smears mostly, the ankle-supportive TC Pro is the way to go. On the other hand, opt for the Genius if you need that extra toeing precision.

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Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 247g
Construction: Slip lasted, Lace-to-toe
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Moderate
Environment: Outdoor
Last Shape: Asymmetric
Stiffness: Stiff

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