La Sportiva TC Pro notable features

-Co-developed by American professional rock climber Tommy Caldwell, the La Sportiva TC Pro is built for senders who require a shoe that has enhanced crack climbing and edging capabilities. It has breathable comfort, thanks to its padded construction and ample perforations.

-Its designers doubled down on improving its ability to tackle edges by engineering it with a brand-exclusive randing tech, called P3 or Permanent Power Platform. This piece of technology also provides extra arch support.


Downturn. The TC Pro from La Sportiva is a moderately downturned rock shoe. The P3 technology that it comes imbued with prevents its down-camber from getting out of shape. Climb-centric kicks with this type of downturn are capable of sending long multi-pitch projects.

Applications. This La Sportiva piece is ideal for trad climbing in the great outdoors. It has a set of features that gives intermediate climbers the ability to scale slabs and vertical faces.


The La Sportiva TC Pro is a climbing shoe for men. It has a flat toe zone which gives wearers a comfy forefoot fit. Since it has a medium-high asymmetry, it delivers a technical fit. Lockdown security comes by means of the shoe’s lace-up closure.


Midsole. The supportiveness of this climb-specific offering comes from its LaspoFlex midsole with P3 technology. It is 1.1 mm in thickness.

Outsole. The TC Pro comes furnished with the full-length Vibram XS Edge outsole for sufficient traction over a variety of terrain types. The rubber compound used in its creation provides users with extra grip on tricky edges, hence the name. Its thickness is 4 mm.


Enveloping the climber’s foot in the La Sportiva TC Pro is its over-the-ankle upper made of leather. Its tongue is lined with Sentex textile, foam (made of polyurethane), and AirMesh fabric. The rand that reinforces its lower perimeter front and back is made of rubber courtesy of Vibram. Its heel and lateral zones are engineered with the Permanent Power Platform rand, bolstering its structural integrity for longevity.

Its closure system uses a heavy-duty synthetic lace. It crisscrosses through a set of regular non-plated eyelets. To make slipping in and out of the shoe relatively quick, La Sportiva designers engineered its heel with a pair of pull tabs.

La Sportiva TC Pro vs. Genius

La Sportiva is quite known for putting out rock climbing shoes that many people deem as high-quality. Case in point: the TC Pro. This product, however, shares the limelight with another climbing shoe from the same brand—the Genius. Choosing only one between the two can be a real dilemma. Fortunately for you, they have differences that can help you decide which one to keep and which one to pass up. These differences are as follows:

Down-camber. As touched on in the previous section, the TC Pro from La Sportiva has a moderate downturn. Its competitor, on the other hand, has an aggressive down-camber. Both their downturned beaks, however, are engineered with the same shape-retaining P3 technology.

Weight. In this area, the featured rock climbing shoe loses the crown to its rival. Yes, the La Sportiva Genius is lighter than the TC Pro by roughly 25 grams.

Price. While both offerings may not be considered the cheapest rock climbing shoes out there, the TC Pro has a slightly more appealing price tag. Indeed, it is about $5 less expensive than the Genius.

Outsole technology. The La Sportiva TC Pro comes with the Vibram XS Edge outsole. The competition, on the other hand, is equipped with the XS Grip 2 from the same outsole maker. There is a 1-mm difference between the two outsoles in terms of thickness, with the Genius being the thinner component.

Cuff height. The La Sportiva TC Pro climbing shoe has a mid-top collar height, while the Genius is designed with a low-cut ankle cuff.


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