Updates to La Sportiva Python

-The La Sportiva Python is a rock shoe created particularly for climbers who need a better feel of the surface, especially when dealing with reverse holds and protrusions where heel hooking is required. Its slip-lasted construction makes it extra sensitive.

-This shoe has been refreshed to sport a more modern look than its predecessor. Compared with its former self, the new Python has a wider toe patch. This sticky covering also has grooves or ridges, which the previous model lacked.

-It inherits the Vibram outsole of the old build. It still has a segmented construction; however, its heel part is either colored green or orange, depending on the colorway.


Downturn. This La Sportiva rock climbing shoe is built with a moderate downturn. Its forefoot resembles a beak, with which mounting on holds and edges is made relatively easy. Kicks with this amount of downward camber are ideal for multi-pitch climbs.

Applications. The La Sportiva Python is built for both boulder-type ascents and sport routes. Its set of components gives it the capability to send projects on vertical faces and overhangs. Climbing fans may use it both indoors and outdoors.


La Sportiva’s Python is a high-volume below-the-ankle climbing shoe. As a unisex product, wearers from the female camp are advised to size down a full size to get a comfy fit. Its unlined leather upper might stretch slightly after a few climbs. The shoe is crafted around an asymmetric last, giving its confines an amount of inward bend between the heel and the toe zone. Its fit may be adjusted to the user’s preference via the shoe’s hook-and-loop closure.


Midsole. Placed around the Python’s front end, the LaspoFlex midsole offers adequate forefoot support. It has a minimal thickness of 0.8 millimeter.

Outsole. Sufficient slip and skid resistance in the La Sportiva Python comes from the XS Grip 2 outsole courtesy of Vibram. It has a thickness of 3.5 millimeters front and back. Its rear section extends to the heel part of the shoe, providing additional surface traction in heel-hooking situations.


The Python by La Sportiva encloses the foot in its low-cut upper made mainly of suede leather. Its inner walls are unlined. Around its instep is a stretchy sock-like panel. La Sportiva designers engineered its lower perimeter with enough randing, which is rubber, to grant senders a combination of climbing security and abrasion protection. They also gave the upper triple the pull loops to make getting in and out of the shoe more convenient.

A single strap makes up the Python’s lockdown system. It is built with Velcro (hook-and-loop) fasteners, making it highly adjustable.

La Sportiva Python vs. Cobra

The La Sportiva Python does its brand proud by being one of the most sought-after rock climbing shoes out on the market. That said, it shares the limelight with another one of La Sportiva’s promising moderate rock kicks—the Cobra. Now getting both may not be the most realistic course of action. In light of that, knowing the aspects that differentiate the two is priceless. The points that follow will touch on such distinctions.

A case of curvature. As it is molded on an asymmetric last (see Fit section for more info), the Python has a banana-shaped inward bend. The La Sportiva Cobra, on the other hand, has no curvature, since it is built around a straight last.

A matter of pricing. In this comparison, the Python might be considered the more enticing gear. Rightfully so, because the featured rock climbing shoe is cheaper than the La Sportiva Cobra by approximately $5. In need of a far less pricy pair? Scan through some of the most inexpensive climbing kicks on this site.

Fit management system. The La Sportiva Python, as mentioned previously, provides fit customization using its Velcro closure. The competition, on the other hand, relies on its stretchy collar and instep zone to lock the foot in place. Climbers who wish to get a dialed-in fit in their footwear might want to side with the Python. Those who are quite particular with ease of access (both in and out), however, might find more value in the slip-on Cobra.

Weight. The La Sportiva Python loses out to its rival by a hair in this round. Yes, it is heavier than the Cobra by about 10 grams.


The current trend of La Sportiva Python.
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