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7 reasons to buy

  • Many mountaineers applauded the Olympus Mons EVO for its thermal insulation above all else.
  • Quite a number of reviewers were stumped to discover the boot’s lightness.
  • Comfort-wise, this La Sportiva footwear received aces from numerous owners.
  • Several wearers greatly praised the boot for its super convenient lacing system.
  • Users by the handful loved how their Olympus Mons EVOs granted them excellent climbing performance over technical terrain.
  • This mountaineering gear astonished a small number of purchasers with its justifiable asking price.
  • The reliable crampon connections of the La Sportiva Olympus Mons EVO greatly impressed one climber.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A moderate percentage of reviewers were not at all amused with the footgear for running small.
  • This boot didn’t resonate well with one wearer for its long break-in period.

Bottom line

Mountaineers must pay attention to the La Sportiva Olympus Mons EVO not just for the great comfort it offers but also for the sheer ingenuity of its creation which translates to its surprising lightness and outstanding thermal insulation. Its user-friendly lacing system is nothing to be dismissed either. That said, the boot might receive a negative kind of attention as complaints about its sizing put it in a bad light. Overall, would-be owners need to be paitent in finding the right size. 

Good to know

  • The Olympus Mons EVO is a mountaineering double boot that comes with a heat-moldable liner and built-in gaiter. It has a number of technologies combined together for the insulation, comfort, and climbing performance of the wearer. It is built for tackling eight-thousanders.
  • It is engineered with a pair of welts—one at the heel and another at the forefoot. This setup makes the boot compatible with step-in bindings (crampons).

La Sportiva’s Olympus Mons EVO is a unisex, high-cut mountaineering footgear that has a fairly true-to-size fit. It is offered in standard width in whole and half sizes. Its thermo-moldable inner liner provides a precise fit. A custom lockdown is achievable via both the inner liner and outer boot’s lacing systems. Based on La Sportiva’s sizing guide, female mountaineers are suggested to order a size smaller than their normal size.

The boot’s Insulating Vibram PE outsole with rubber inserts is what grants wearers enough traction on mountainous terrain. As its name suggests, this component is not only grippy—it is also insulated, and thus contributes to the footwear’s overall warmth. 

Providing cushioning and stability at the same time is the gear’s midsole. Since it is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate, this sturdy layer can perform its duties in wintry environments. Its insole plating is a combination of carbon fiber, insulated closed-cell foam made of polyurethane, and aluminum layer with hydrophobic properties. Its heel and toe welts are made of TPU. The footwear’s removable footbed, which is part of the outer boot, grants extra cushioning and insulation. 

Wearing the Olympus Mons EVO means being seen in an over-the-ankle, amply insulated double boot. Its removable and heat-moldable inner boot is made up of polyethylene micro-perforated foam, polyester lining with pile (small projections on a fabric), and water repellent polyamide external layer. The outer boot’s upper is made of Cordura fabric with a dual-density PE micro-cellular liner and thermo-reflective aluminum facing for added insulation. For abrasion protection, this outer shell is also engineered with a rubber rand by Vibram. Both the inner and outer boots feature synthetic laces and Velcro-like fasteners.

The footwear’s built-in gaiter is a part Kevlar, part breathable Cordura covering. It seals everything in using a UV resistant and waterproof Riri Storm zipper.  


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