Verdict from 9 experts and +100 user reviews

8 reasons to buy

  • Most owners mention that the comfort of La Sportiva Miura rock shoe is undeniable.
  • The edging power of this climbing shoe is outstanding, according to a couple of wearers.
  • Based on a considerable number of reviews, the grip is fantastic.
  • Some advanced climbers declare that the Miura is also a great intermediate rock shoe. 
  • Umpteen buyers like the snug fit of this La Sportiva product.
  • Several verified purchasers say that the Miura is an excellent gear for outdoor and indoor climbing.
  • The aggressiveness of this comfy La Sportiva climbing shoe receives praises from plenty of wearers.
  • Less than a handful of patrons are quite impressed with the Miura's toeing-in precision.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A small percentage of owners are not happy with the break-in time of the Miura from La Sportiva.
  • A group of testers finds this offering expensive.
  • An expert notes that sensitivity is compromised in favor of the hard rubber.

Bottom line

The Miura from La Sportiva is a force to be reckoned with. Climbers who seek exceptional comfort, superb grip, and brilliant performance are likely to enjoy this offering. Those who climb frequently, but are not yet experts, can also benefit from its advantages.

However, its softening-up period and sky-high price bring dismay. All in all, if its asking price and break-in period will not be an issue, it can be said that the La Sportiva Miura rock climbing shoe is worthy of one’s quiver.

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Good to know

  • A longstanding product from La Sportiva, the Miura now comes with an updated look of the upper. The rand that wraps the base of the upper is sleeker yet still maintains a high level of friction. The brand’s logo near the top of the tongue is also redesigned. In addition to the geometric pattern added by the lace holes, the engineers attached La Sportiva tag too. 
  • The revamped Miura still features some of the technologies incorporated into its predecessor. It includes the LaSpoFlex midsole (1.1 mm) and the Vibram XS Edge (4 mm). The former aims to provide a stiff platform while the latter adheres into most rock types.

Downturn. The Miura is an aggressive rock shoe from La Sportiva. Its high-performance design renders control in most climbing disciplines. It has an asymmetric shape that directs the power to the toe.

Applications. La Sportiva markets the Miura as a lace-up climbing shoe ideal for overhanging sport routes. It can also be used bouldering, face, and gym climbing.

La Sportiva Miura is an asymmetric climbing shoe that caters to both men and women. Its lace-up closure aids in fit customization. The last shape is asymmetric (curved toward the big toe), giving the user precision on small holds.

The men’s Miura is built using the PD 75 last. This feature gives the shoe a narrow and low-volume fit. It also yields a pointed shape and relatively flat instep. The one helping to channel the stretch is the 8-panel directional lining. As for the women’s Miura, it is shaped using the WPD 75 last for a female-specific fit.

Midsole. Situated at the forefoot is a 1.1 mm LaSpoFlex midsole. It provides extra precision when hooking and biting on small holds. It is a lightweight material that is also designed for torsional rigidity, preventing unwanted ankle twisting. 

Outsole. The La Sportiva men’s Miura comes equipped with a Vibram XS Edge outsole. Its 4 mm-thickness renders optimal support and grip. This rubber compound is resistant to plastic deformation, allowing it to keep its shape even after constant use, regardless of the temperature.

On the other hand, the La Sportiva women’s Miura uses a Vibram XS Grip 2 sole. It offers a softer rubber for optimal friction on slabs and rocks. 

La Sportiva designed the Miura with a Dentex-lined leather upper. This combination of material promotes comfort while granting durability. A rubber rand wraps the base of the upper, enhancing its protection against abrasion. The slingshot rand at the heel is connected to the power hinge under the shoe that allows climbers to maintain their edging performance. 

This La Sportiva offering uses a speed lacing system for fit management. The sturdy tabs attached near the heel zone facilitates easy on and off. 

Individuals seeking for a pair of La Sportiva rock shoes may have been caught between the Miura and the Solution. That said, what differs the former from the latter? Read on to find out. 

Target market. These La Sportiva products are both catering to men and women. Their versions are shaped using specific lasts to provide optimal fit and performance. 

Price. La Sportiva’s Solution is around $15 more expensive than the Miura. However, those who are looking for some of the best affordable rock climbing shoes may look at this list. 

Closure system. The Miura comes with a lace-up closure. For further information regarding its benefits, see the upper and fit sections above. On the other hand, the Solution uses Lock Harness System and Fast Lacing System. The former wraps the foot and provides a snug fit. The latter allows quick fit adjustment and easy on and off. 

Midsole. La Sportiva Miura uses a 1.1 mm LaSpoFlex midsole placed in the forefoot area. That said, the Solution is designed differently. Its men’s version has a 1.1 mm LaSpoFlex midsole while its women’s version employs a 0.9 mm LaSpoFlex, both placed at the toes only. 

Rubber outsole. Both the Miura and the Solution have a Vibram outsole for a sticky underfoot. See details above for the difference between the men’s and women’s Miura. Both variants of the Solution are equipped with Vibram XS Grip 2 for edging and hooking prowess.

Other features. An extra feature of the La Sportiva Solution is the P3 or the Permanent Power Platform technology. It is a technical randing system that will deliver power to the sole for enhanced performance. It also helps maintain the downturned shape of the shoe. 

What is the difference between men’s and women’s Miura?

La Sportiva engineers use a different last for men’s and women’s versions. Generally, the last used in a women’s rock shoe offers a narrower, straighter, and a lower cut heel. Its volume is also lesser than men’s. Additionally, the rubber compound used in the La Sportiva women’s Miura is Vibram XS Grip 2, which is softer than the men’s Vibram XS Edge sole. 

Does the Miura require a break-in period?

The La Sportiva Miura rock shoes may ask for a break-in time, and the length of their softening period will vary. It is affected by the size of the pair and their usage frequency, to mention a few. If they are sized too small, breaking it in may be a bit painful, but as climbers put more vertical mileage into them, they become more comfortable. 

-In 2010, La Sportiva Miura received the SuperTopo Editor’s Choice award.

-La Sportiva women’s Miura bagged the top pick for versatility on OutdoorGearLab’s 2017 climbing shoes review.

-This La Sportiva offering also comes in a Velcro version, the Miura VS