Who should buy the La Sportiva Lycan 2.0

This La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 could be a great match for you if:

  • You are looking for a running shoe that has balanced cushioning, a grippy outsole, and a supportive upper. 
  • You want a shoe that is best in surfaces like steep, sandy ridge routes, snow, and off-camber trails.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Branding

Updates to La Sportiva Lycan 2.0

The Lycan 2.0 is an update to the well-received trail running shoe from La Sportiva. This second outing is fundamentally a clone of its predecessor in all but one aspect: the outsole unit has now been configured to accept separately purchased AT-Spikes (screw-on metal nodes that aim to heighten traction.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Upper

Size and fit

The standard sizing schemes were used when the Lycan 2.0 was crafted. Runners can enjoy their usual choices of size when it comes to this running shoe. Still, it is highly beneficial to have personal testing of this product to perceive an accommodating in-shoe feel.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Side

When it comes to the overall foot-wrap, the elements that contribute to security and wobble-prevention are the curved outline of the platform, and the mesh-and-overlay configuration of the upper unit. All of these shoe-parts work together to welcome the foot while also trying to deliver an accommodating hug.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Toe area


The outsole unit of this La Sportiva running shoe is made of the FriXion AT 2.0 rubber compound, a technology that is touted to be highly grippy and long-lasting. Abrasion-resistance is also a trait that is part of the overall design.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Outsole

Gripping lugs pockmark the external pad. These obvious protrusions are meant to improve the traction capacity of this product, giving the runner with the means to have control over the surfaces. The opposite-facing v-groove design offers support during upward and downward traversals.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Heel

The ball and heel of the outsole have points that can be used to integrate separately purchased AT-Spike metal traction nodes.


The cushioning system is made of an injection-molded ethylene vinyl acetate (IMEVA) piece. This technology is tasked with attenuating the impact shock generated by the footfalls and giving energy to the foot for efficient toe-offs.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Midsole

An Ortholite® Mountain Footbed is placed on top of the main cushioning unit. This element offers an extra oomph to the underfoot experience. It even has antimicrobial and anti-moisture capacities to maintain a clean and healthy environment for the foot.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Insole


Air-Mesh is the material that is used for the upper unit of the La Sportiva Lycan 2.0. This technology has a net-like construction to help with form-fitting comfort and breathability. Fabrics that offer ventilation are essential elements of many running shoe series. Families like the Saucony Peregrine feature such accoutrements.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Toebox

The sides of the upper are filled with microfiber reinforcements that are abrasion-resistant. These stitch-on elements heighten the shoe’s durability while also helping to keep the foot in place.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Laces

A thermoplastic polyurethane toe cap protects the front of the shoe from trail debris and other sharp surfaces with which the foot may come in contact.

La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 Collar

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Trail
Weight: Men 315g / Women 268g
Drop: Men 6mm
Arch support: Neutral
Forefoot height: Men 22mm
Heel height: Men 28mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation

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