Before you buy the La Sportiva Kubo

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Are you convinced to expand your quiver with the Kubo yet? Before you let go of your dough, consider the following points first and be more informed.

La Sportiva Kubo midsole

Its main draws:

La Sportiva Kubo toebox

  • The Kubo is engineered with comfort and versatility in mind, making it a fine option for those transitioning from beginner routes to intermediate problems.
  • Its unlined upper (save for the tongue) translates to extra sensitivity.
  • Unlike most climbing shoes, the Kubo comes with broader Velcro attach pads. Their presence makes fit even more customizable, particularly around the ankle.
  • Its full-length midsole provides enhanced support on edges.
  • At no more than 450 grams a pair, the La Sportiva Kubo will hardly weigh you down.

La Sportiva Kubo heel

Its few caveats:

La Sportiva Kubo outsole

  • The tongue’s padded underside might lessen instep sensitivity to a degree. A fair trade for additional comfort, perhaps?
  • Given that it comes with a full-length midsole, you might find the Kubo a little bit on the stiffer side, which can make dealing with curvier footholds trickier.

La Sportiva Kubo back collar

The Kubo’s alternatives

Katana Lace

This offering is a moderately downturned climbing shoe just like the Kubo. The Katana Lace is also a piece that provides an all-around performance in sport-type pursuits.

La Sportiva Kubo side laces

That said, instead of Velcro, it comes with a lace-to-toe closure, which appeals to those who want a more secure lockdown around the forefoot.


While not a moderate climbing shoe, the La Sportiva Futura is like the Kubo in the sense that it also serves as a transition shoe—from intermediate level to advanced, that is.

La Sportiva Kubo collar

In addition, the Futura is as capable as the Kubo when it comes to bouldering and sport climbing. That said, it has a kind of design that makes it a commendable tool for cracks and steep routes as well.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 200g / Women 170g
Technology: Vibram
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Comfort fit
Downturn: Moderate
Environment: Indoor
Material: Leather, Mesh upper, Synthetic

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