What the Katana Lace rock shoe brings to the table

One of La Sportiva’s time-tested climbing shoes, the Katana Lace comes with a set of features that translate to versatility, whether indoors or outdoors. What follows are some of its highlights.

  • Unlike most climbing shoes, the Katana Lace has a full-length midsole at 1.1 mm thick. This stiff element makes the shoe even more supportive on edges, particularly crooked ones.
  • Its middle-of-the-road downturn allows wearers to get into medium-size cracks with minimal effort.
  • The holes on both sides of the Katana Lace’s randing give climbers improved sideways mobility.
  • With its breathable tongue and moisture-wicking liner, the shoe promises sweat-free ascents.

La Sportiva Katana Lace vs. Kataki

The Katana Lace is often pitted against climbing shoes from other brands. In this head-to-head, however, its competitor is also part of La Sportiva’s lineup—the Kataki. The things that set them apart are as follows:

Downturn. The featured product has a moderate downturn, while the La Sportiva Kataki, which is part of our aggressive collection, sports a highly curved toe zone.

Environment. The Katana Lace is engineered more versatile in this regard, as the Kataki is meant to be used almost exclusively outdoors.

Asking price. About $20 is the price difference between the two competing La Sportiva kicks, with the Katana Lace being the more expensive.

In conclusion, the Katana Lace and the Kataki are two completely different beasts. That said, if you do not mind spending extra and you value versatility above all else, the former is an easy pick. Choose the latter, however, if the routes you frequent require pin-point toeing precision.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 247g
Technology: Leather, Vibram
Construction: Lace-to-toe
Downturn: Moderate
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Leather
Lining: Lined

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