32 users: 4.5 / 5
9 experts: 91 / 100
Weight: Men 266g / Women 213g
Construction: Slip lasted
Closure: Lace-to-toe
Fit: Performance fit

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6 reasons to buy

  • The La Sportiva Kataki (men’s and women’s) is the real deal when it comes to edging, says almost everyone who has reviewed it.
  • Many wearers consider it a magnificent crack climbing shoe.
  • It gets in pockets very well, say professional critics who have climbed in it.
  • Several climbers think that this climbing piece from La Sportiva has oozing amounts of comfort.
  • Some testers who have used it a number of times highly recommend the Kataki for bouldering.
  • This La Sportiva rock climbing shoe is a smearing charmer, based on a handful of reports.

2 reasons not to buy

  • An owner who has climbed in the La Sportiva Kataki rock climbing shoe says that its laces fray too quickly.
  • The Kataki is very expensive.

Bottom line

In terms of edging, the Kataki is a fantastic La Sportiva product. That said, this impressively comfortable climbing shoe is more than just an edge-master; it is also a remarkable tool for ascending pockets and cracks.

This La Sportiva offering, however, might not be so appealing to those who value super-sturdy laces in their footwear. Nonetheless, the La Sportiva Kataki is a beast of a product—one that wears its incredible climbing performance on its sleeve.

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The Kataki from La Sportiva is designed to take on edges with as much precision as possible. Its overall sensitivity is thanks to its slip-lasted construction. It comes with S-Heel, a brand-owned technology that prevents the heel from deforming. It also allows for improved heel-hooking maneuvers.

Another technology that is part of this rock climbing piece is P3 or Permanent Power Platform. It reinforces the medial part of the shoe, thereby enhancing its arch support.

Downturn. The La Sportiva Kataki is an aggressively down-cambered climbing shoe. The P3 technology it comes imbued with helps maintain its downturned state.

Applications. This offering from La Sportiva is built for steep routes, especially those that have overhangs. It is a piece designed for bouldering, trad, and sport climbing. It is built primarily as an outdoor rock climbing shoe for intermediate climbers.

The Kataki is a low-top La Sportiva rock climbing shoe for both men and women. Wearers may achieve a customized and secure lockdown in it using the shoe’s lace-up closure.

Its performance fit comes from its asymmetric PD 75 last, with the help of the S-Heel and P3 technologies. Women can expect a fit tailored for them because of the WPD 75, a female-specific last.

Midsole. The amount of underfoot support users get from this La Sportiva offering is sourced from the shoe’s LaspoFlex midsole with P3 technology. It comes at a thickness of 1.1 mm.

Outsole. When it comes to surface traction, male climbers have the Kataki’s Vibram XS Edge outsole to thank. This particular component has a kind of firmness intended for edging maneuvers. Female senders, on the other hand, owe their gratitude to the XS Grip 2 outsole (also by Vibram). Both outsoles cover mainly the upper half of the shoe’s underside, and both have an overall thickness of 4 mm.

The La Sportiva Kataki’s low-cut upper is a combination of microfiber and suede leather. It has a liner front and back called Pacific. The lateral zone of the shoe is engineered with a rand for added climbing support and protection. This rand has a slight extension around the toe box to give climbers extra purchase when toe hooking. The shoe’s S-Heel grants additional support and grip in heel-hooking situations.

Managing the fit in this leather climbing shoe is a tandem between combination eyelets and a synthetic lace. A pair of synthetic pull loops at the heel are for on and off.

Climbing with precision is what the La Sportiva Kataki is made for. But then again, so is the Miura from the same brand. These two climbing kicks are also built for routes characterized by steepness. If choosing both is not an option, it pays to know the things that set them apart. Read on to get a grasp of some of their differences.

Weight. On this front, the men’s version of the La Sportiva Kataki is heavier than its counterpart by around 30 grams. The women’s variant of the featured shoe, on the other hand, is lighter than the women’s Miura by about10 grams.

Outsole. Both kicks in this head-to-head are engineered with the same Vibram outsole—XS Edge in the men’s versions and XS Grip 2 in the women’s. That said, the ones in the Katakis cover the forefoot mainly, while the ones in the Miuras take up the entire underfoot section.

Pricing. Consumers needing an affordable climbing piece might see themselves more sold on the rival shoe instead of the La Sportiva Kataki. Indeed, the Miura is less expensive than the featured climber’s shoe by about $10 a pop.

Utility. The Kataki and the Miura are both aggressive rock climbing shoes whose areas of expertise are seemingly identical. Having that said, only the Miura is advertised as something that can be used on slabs. The Kataki’s competitor is also a decent choice for cracks and similar wall/rock features.

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