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"A great three-season boot," according to a trusted gear critic, encapsulates the Tempo Flex Mid WP. Built with flexible grooves that resemble the face shield part of Kylo Ren's iconic helmet, this hiking boot from KEEN is complimented for its speedy maneuvers, especially on dry ground. It's also as amazing price-wise as it is formidable in wet conditions.


  • Sneaker-like comfort
  • Barely-there weight
  • Superb waterproofing
  • Spacious forefoot
  • Ankle-supportive
  • Requires no break-in
  • Flexible
  • Among the budget-friendliest


  • Not for muddy traversals
  • Frail upper

Who should buy the KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP

Armed with KEEN's BELLOWS FLEX technology, the featured hiker doubles down on momentum above all else. Purchase it if:

  • Being nimble while feeling ankle-secure is how you want to be on the trail.
  • Waterproof hiking boots that don't cost a fortune are what you prefer.
  • You need a pair that lets your toes spread out comfortably.

KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP buy

Who should NOT buy it

If you need something extra grippy on soft soil and the like, try the KEEN Targhee II Mid instead. There's also the KEEN Pyrenees if you want something tougher from top to bottom.

KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP no

Immense comfort in every pair

Gear pundits are overwhelmed with the plushness of the Tempo Flex Mid WP, with one unapologetically calling it "a winner" on the comfort front. If that remark is not enough, there's more:

  • "I really did feel like I was wearing sneakers."
  • "A dream to wear."
  • "Comfortable straight from the box."
  • "KEEN, you guys nailed it!"

KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP comf

Tempo Flex Mid WP: Mighty through stormy weather

With comments like "my go-to shoe for rainy days" and "works as advertised," the KEEN shoe in question lives up to the WP (waterproof) part in its name. Such remarks came from adventurers who experienced no leaks after a long submersion test in a nearby creek.

KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP water

One of KEEN's lightest

They "really do feel fast and light"—this is how a professional blogger describes the Tempo Flex Mid WP. It's "super-efficient over long distances," says another expert who barely noticed wearing the boot while walking in it for hours. Their remarks are also backed by data, as the featured hiker is 125 grams lighter than the average, which is 579 grams per shoe.

KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP light

Keep off the mud

According to professional bloggers, while the boot’s outsole does well on dry, rocky ground, it “doesn’t perform well in muddy conditions” or on wet and mucky terrain. They blame it on the boot’s shallow lugs, which could’ve been deeper.

KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP grip

Spread your toes in the KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP

A footwear maven is convinced that those with stout toes "will love the shape of the boot." It has "plenty of room in the toes," says another critic who has wide feet.

KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP wide 

Remarkably flexible

The Tempo Flex Mid WP is "a real pleasure to wear," says a professional reviewer, referring to its excellent forefoot flexibility. He and two other gear testers link this fantastic characteristic to the boot's ridge-like forefoot implement, which makes walking easier.

KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP flex

Gets the job done around the ankle

Despite its lightness, the Tempo Flex Mid WP is "surprisingly solid and supportive," especially around the ankle.

KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP supp

And it's pretty inexpensive

This KEEN gem definitely earns a space in our budget-friendly catalog, thanks to its MSRP of $110 per pair. After all, it's way cheaper ($86 cheaper, to be exact) than the average asking price of hiking boots, which is $196.

KEEN Tempo Flex Mid WP cheap