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7 reasons to buy

  • Warm: Dozens of hikers find the KEEN Greta’s insulation highly effective in below-freezing conditions.
  • Quick comfort: There is no doubt in the minds of numerous adventurers that the Greta delivers excellent comfiness with almost zero break-in period required.
  • Watertight: Its ability to ward off wetness is quite remarkable, many trail-goers say.
  • Light: Unlike most heavy-duty hiking boots, this insulated KEEN offering will not weigh you down.
  • Grippy: Sticking to various outdoor surfaces, icy ones included, is business-as-usual for this hiker.
  • Supportive: It is a dependable ally for those with wobbly ankles.
  • Roomy forefoot: Reports state that toe splay is very possible in the Greta.

1 reason not to buy

  • Bulging tongue: To an experienced hiker, the Greta’s gusseted tongue is too puffy, which is prone to bunching.

Bottom line

Built for the trails where temperatures can drop as far down as -25°F, the Greta just might be your next go-to boot for your fall-to-winter escapades. Backing such a claim is rather easy, thanks to the shoe’s semi-towering construction, cold-ready outsole, and insulation that simply works. Yes, you are bound to transform from an average Jane into a fierce frigid-weather conqueror while you got the Greta on!

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What the packaging might not tell you about the KEEN Greta

If you are already quite sold on the Greta, what with all its publicized features and female-specific engineering, great! That said, allow us to heighten your hype for it by presenting you the following:

Plushier backrest. Tired of stiffness bugging your heel and lower calf on your daily hikes? Well, “enough is enough,” says the Greta with its highly padded shaft. It also makes the collar more flexible, translating to less restrictive sideways movements.

Shield-like bumper. Another thing that you can prevent in the KEEN Greta is sustaining toe injuries. Indeed, like most KEEN hikers, this boot has a proprietary rubber toe cap designed specifically to absorb shock—ideal for haphazard and aggressive negotiations.

Cozy footbed. It traps in heat just like the boot’s insulated upper. On top of that, the footbed in question has odor control, leaving your tootsie not just warm but also stink-free.

Additional info

  • There exists a Greta Tall—the featured boot’s big sister, which sports a “taller” ankle cuff.


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