Who should buy the KEEN Drift Creek H2

The Drift Creek H2 puts barely-there construction and excellent toe protection in one statement. Buy it if:

  • You wish to conquer rocky streams in something quite sleek.
  • Water hiking and kayaking are inseparable from your activity list.
  • Bumping into mini boulders and gnarly roots is a common occurrence on your hikes.

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Who should NOT buy it

If you need a pair that provides extra support and cushioning underfoot—one that's also devoid of bunching issues—check out the KEEN Uneek. Also, trade the Drift Creek H2 for the KEEN Clearwater CNX if roominess, particularly around the toes, is what you're after.

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Amazing comfort from the box

A considerable number of hikers are floored by the Drift Creek H2's extraordinary comfiness. "These sandals were immediately comfortable," said one of them. "The most comfortable KEEN sandals I’ve ever worn," said a reviewer who's been a KEEN fan for years.

KEEN Drift Creek H2 comf

The KEEN Drift Creek H2's lizard-like tenacity

Reviewers are quite convinced that the KEEN Drift Creek H2 has tons of grip to give. The following comments represent their praises:

  • "Excellent for maintaining grip on uneven, rocky ground."
  • "Grips better than its predecessor."
  • "They gave good traction even on wet creek rocks."

KEEN Drift Creek H2 grip

Tough without the clunkiness

The Drift Creek H2, according to experienced trail-goers, is an enduring sandal despite its slim profile. One of them says that it's "very durable on any surface except maybe lava."

But the better news: this water hiker has the lightness to match its high durability. Compared with the average weight of KEEN hiking sandals (365 g), the featured kick is lighter by 81 g apiece. Adventurers are quite impressed with this, of course, with one boasting that it's way lighter than their other KEEN favorite—the Newport H2.

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Needs more oomph underfoot

With comments like "I wish the soles were thicker" and "I can feel my knees, hips, and spine rattle from lack of shock absorption," it can be surmised that adventurers are not happy with the sandal's lack of bounciness. On a related note: the Drift Creek H2's sole unit also has subpar arch support, according to several individuals. "There's no foot support in them," says one of them, while another simply brands the sandal as not ideal for longer hikes.

KEEN Drift Creek H2 bounce

Astonishing water performance

The Drift Creek H2 is mesmerizing in and around water, according to trail-goers. One of them says that it's "great for working around the lake." Another one says that it's "great for kayaking." On the sand, yet another adventurer praises the sandal with: "better than flip flops."

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Drift Creek H2 equals restrictive front and back

According to reviewers, the toe box of the featured sandal is narrow. A wife among them says that her husband's "feet are like stuffed sausages in them." Also, because of the sandal's confining forefoot, a male trail-goer who has bunions finds the sandal unwearable.

The Drift Creek H2's heel fit isn't any better, either. Here's what some hikers say about it:

  • "The heel cup didn't fit my feet."
  • "The heel cup is just way too small."
  • "The heels on these are strangely a bit narrow."

KEEN Drift Creek H2 narrow

No stubbed toes in the Drift Creek H2

One of the many aces of the KEEN Drift Creek H2 is its protective toe cap. Adventurers love it for keeping their digits feeling safe in the presence of stubby rocks and the like.

Not too shabby on the design front

Many adore the pleasing design of the Drift Creek H2. "Love these sandals! Great style," says one of them. Another one is more humorous about it, hailing the kick as "the LEAST DORKY looking of all the sandals on the market."

The Drift Creek H2's bunching tongue

The least of all the criticisms surrounding the Drift Creek H2 is its bunching tongue. An experienced adventurer says that it has the tendency to crumple up near the ankle.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 284g / Women 227g
Use: Multi-sport, Water hiking
Features: Lightweight
Width: Normal
Material: Rubber sole
Season: Summer

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