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As long as you keep to the well-maintained trail, avoiding uber-abrasive brambles and other hazards along the way, the Circadia Mid WP works wonders. Sure, it might not be the toughest kick around, but it'll, nevertheless, make you feel mighty on shifting terrain and beat the rain while it lasts. And before we forget to mention, this comfy bad boy from KEEN is way cheaper than most trail boots out there.


  • Supple all over
  • Zero break-in
  • Remarkably grippy
  • Watertight
  • Laces stay tight
  • Wide-feet-friendly
  • Protective around the toes
  • Priced for the masses


  • Frail upper
  • Could be more breathable
  • Not very orthotic-friendly
  • Heavy

Who should buy the KEEN Circadia Mid WP

The KEEN Circadia Mid WP is a formidable ally on moderately bumpy trails. Buy it if:

  • You have stout toes, or you prefer wearing thick socks.
  • You're a budget-conscious consumer whose footwear spending limit is locked at $150.
  • Waterproof hikers that need no breaking in are what you want.

KEEN Circadia Mid WP buy

Who should NOT buy it

If you're in dire need of something lighter and more durable, look no further than the Jag from Danner. Also, opt for the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid if you want a more breathable pair that has no issues with custom footbeds.

KEEN Circadia Mid WP heavy

A blast of comfort

Comfy right away is the Circadia Mid WP, according to many. Their observation is reflected by remarks such as "instantly comfortable" and "very comfortable from the start, no break-in time needed."

KEEN Circadia Mid WP comf

The Circadia Mid WP's great tenacity

Stickiness is among the featured shoe's many strengths. "I liked their planted feel, especially when tackling dry, dusty trails," said a professional gear blogger.

KEEN Circadia Mid WP grip

Adventures minus the clammy feet

Experienced hikers are quite impressed with the KEEN Circadia Mid WP's moisture protection. "My feet stayed dry even when sloshing through muddy puddles," said an expert. A non-professional reviewer says that "the waterproof is on point."

KEEN Circadia Mid WP water

The problematic upper of the KEEN Circadia Mid WP

According to reviewers, the Circadia Mid WP's upper is not very durable. One trail-goer who stepped on a stick that scraped the side of the boot said that "the side tore the first layer of leather." Another adventurer said that after wearing the shoe three times, they ripped.

KEEN Circadia Mid WP dura

There's also the shoe's subpar breathability. "They are hotter than my other boots," says an experienced hiker about his Circadia Mids.

KEEN Circadia Mid WP hot

Astonishing in the fit department

Besides having a kind of fit that welcomes wide-footed folks, the KEEN Circadia Mid WP also comes with a spacious forefoot area. It has "lots of toe room," says a hiking enthusiast.

KEEN Circadia Mid WP space

Circadia Mid WP equals clunky

One of the Circadia Mid WP's misfires has something to do with weight. A footwear pundit calls the boot "not the lightest." On paper, it's also not very comforting to know that the shoe in question weighs a whopping 624 g per kick. FYI: the average weight for hiking boots is 568 g.

KEEN Circadia Mid WP weighty

Its toe bumper packs a punch

The budget-friendly Circadia Mid WP has a juggernaut of a toe zone, and an expert is simply mesmerized by it. He calls it "reassuringly protective," saying that you'll hardly feel fist-sized rocks whenever you bump into them, whether or not intentional.

KEEN Circadia Mid WP protect

Laces that rock

Staying tied is the name of the game for the Circadia Mid WP's shoestrings. A reviewer says that there's "no need to double knot" them.

KEEN Circadia Mid WP laces 

Makes odd sounds with third-party orthotics

It's been reported that the Circadia Mid WP becomes rather noisy when you insert a different footbed in it. "They croak like frogs!" says a hiker.