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11 reasons to buy

  • Though there are inconsistencies regarding the sneaker's construction, a vast majority of the reviewers have encountered a true to size fit.
  • The sneaker boasts a right amount of comfort and can even maintain its coziness after walking for long hours. Several of them treat the sneaker as everyday wear.
  • The sneaker brilliantly makes any outfit pop and goes well with virtually any article of clothing.
  • The easy slip-on feature is superb which makes it a convenient go-to sneaker.
  • According to some users, the no-lace look would coincide with almost everything.
  • Many had bought more than two pairs of it in different colorways. Others are also planning to buy all available colors just so that they would not go empty-handed if the sneaker wears out.
  • The soft fabric has more flex as compared to canvas Keds shoes and it allows the sneaker to revert to its original form.
  • Some loved that it is breathable.
  • It is a sneaker that is perfect for spring or summer.One reviewer stated that the sneaker is ideal for the concurrent Texas summer where sandals are not practical for the terrain.
  • The sneaker can be easily cleaned just by throwing it into the washer.
  • Traveling with it is ideal because of its light weight and high function.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Wearing the Keds Chillax without socks would sometimes cause blisters due to the frequent rubbing of the back collar.
  • A lot of customers were appalled about the shoddy construction of the toe which after some light usage would produce holes.
  • A handful of wearers noticed that the toe box is a little bit flimsy and lacks structure.

Bottom line

The laid-back Keds Chillax sneaker perfectly embraces the go-to silhouette for relaxing and hanging out with its all-around comfort and convenient slip-on function. Its laceless look goes well with almost any outfit and its fabric is soft enough to be breathable yet would revert to its original form.

The toe part of the upper would tend to tear a hole because of the soft nature of the material. Stress builds upon that area, and preventive measures are futile, so it’s best to buy more pairs to alternate its daily use.

Tip: see the best sneakers.

Good to know

The sneaker's easy slip-on feature is supported by an elastic gore feature on the tongue to secure the shoe in place. It sits on a durable yet flexible rubber outsole which is seconded by a removable insole for top-notch cushioning. The twill upper completes the pleasure package.

Men and women are fortunate enough to avail the sneaker which has size ranges of 7 to 12 and 5 to 11, respectively. All Keds Chillax sneakers run in a medium width.

Going boldly by removing the laces proved worthy with the Keds Chillax. Incidentally, the laceless look works well with almost any kind of outfit may it be jeans for going out or PJ's for chilling out. Women can partner it with summer clothes like dresses and skirts while men can go for a relaxed image by coupling it with shorts or denim.

The washed twill upper projects a flimsy look which when worn would readily conform to the shape of the wearer's feet. Its low top form and slim structure would suit those with narrow feet.

At first glance, the washed twill upper gives out a distinctive look which deviates from most Keds models found in the market. Most importantly, the unlaced look would be the pinnacle characteristic of the sneaks.

From its heirs of rubber development to its unshattered legacy of producing slim casual shoes, Keds had continued to cater their patrons for decades with many comfortable silhouettes. Since its establishment in 1916, the Massachusetts company had come a long way from being the first one to coin the term "sneaker" to producing shoes for male and female worldwide.

The Keds Champion was the so-called pioneer shoe that started the sneaker trend. Keds invested on its image and made numerous iterations following its shape and structure. Take for example the Keds Chillax which is technically the same shoe but with revamps on the upper material and enclosure. One could chill and relax if there are no laces and to go out is as easy as slipping on these shoes.

  • Prominent colorways for women are Drizzle Grey, Charcoal, and Taupe. Men can sport the sneaker in an Auburn tint.
  • The footbed is removable which is convenient for throwing the sneaker in the wash.


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