Size and fit

This kick's stretchable knit upper provides a breathable and stretchable fit that adds to its overall comfort. Despite this, users have revealed the kick's downside – it runs bigger than standard sizes. Hence, fitting the K-Swiss Gen-K Icon Knit is best recommended to get the utmost value for your money.

The K-Swiss Gen-K Icon Knit is a unisex shoe offered in men's sizes that range from 6.5 to 14. Ladies who want to cop a pair should go one size down from their regular size.

K-Swiss Gen-K Icon Knit Style

Fashion meets hustle with a sprinkle of tech in the form of K-Swiss's latest shoe offering – the Gen-K Icon Knit. This shoe exudes a fashion-forward aesthetic that perfectly blends athleticism and sophistication, which would fit perfectly in today's athleisure trend. Opt for a pair of cozy sweatpants matched with a graphic shirt, jacket, and dad hat for the ultimate athleisure outfit. Or pair it with cuffed jeans or shorts for an effortlessly cool casual look.

Notable Features

Its asymmetrically designed upper adorned with contrasting leather accents come as a pleasant surprise amidst the brand's predominantly simple lineup. Its fun colorways contradicted by sophisticated leather accents provide a unique design that demands attention. Moreover, the shoe's best-kept secret – its icy outsole - could only be revealed when you prop your feet up, taking this pair’s visual appeal to another level.

K-Swiss Gen-K Icon Knit History

Introduced in 1966, K-Swiss is a company that originally focused on manufacturing footwear, but eventually expanded to apparel and accessories as well. Art and Ernest Brunner, two Swiss brothers whose obsession with tennis and skiing unintentionally led to creating K-Swiss, established it. It started out when the two's search for the perfect pair of tennis shoes was unsuccessful. They saw this unfruitful venture as a business opportunity and decided to create the stylish, comfortable and durable tennis shoe themselves.

After some time, the brothers introduced the K-Swiss Classic – the first ever leather tennis shoe. Some of the Classic's features were inspired by the ski cleat, such as the five side bindings, the D-ring lace system, and the three-piece toe. The pair grew popular amongst tennis fans that it eventually penetrated the lifestyle market, and was commonly seen on preppy kids in the 70s.

Steven Nichols decided to join the company and helped boost K-Swiss's image in the market by hiring key individuals in the field of marketing. Campaigns and advertisements were so successful in the 90s that youth from urban settings took notice and adapted it.

In 2017, K-Swiss unveiled "Generation K," a new range that targets millennial entrepreneurs, referred by the brand as the generation of hustlers. The brand's latest collection is known for its sleek silhouettes and upscale reinterpretations of heritage court styles.  As part of this new set, the K-Swiss Gen-K Icon Knit exhibits a progressive and minimal look that is perceived to be unique and stylish. It is offered in a number of colorways that could enhance your ensemble in a snap.

Additional Info

  • Pull-tabs are placed on both the shoe's tongue and collar as an aid for easier entry.
  • A K-Swiss branding can be seen on the iced-out sole.
  • The K-Swiss Gen-K Icon Knit is the company's first kick with a sock-like upper.
  • The pair's insoles are removable.
  • The Gen-K Icon Knit is also available in a green colorway, which is made in collaboration with famous entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. This colorway comes as a part of Gary's pack with the moniker "001."


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