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5 reasons to buy

  • Bounce: The double-stacked Zoom Air unit in the forefoot really provides a lot of energy return.
  • Padded tongue: Basketball players notice that the tongue is well-cushioned, making this model more comfortable than some Jordan hoop shoes.
  • Lockdown: This model has "zero issues" with lateral containment even though it does not have a prominent outrigger.
  • Heel-to-toe transition: The Why Not Zer0.4's outsole does not feel clunky, making each step feel smooth.
  • Light: This 4th Westbrook shoe is around 3 oz (85 g) lighter than the very first one. 

5 reasons not to buy

  • Inconsistent grip: The traction works for some, but not everyone. It's OK for forward movements, but not lateral ones. The shoe is hard to predict.
  • Deficient cushioning: The heel is quite stiff, so it cannot provide the right amount of impact protection during hard strikes.
  • Not breathable: Players report that the shoe is "pretty damn hot" and their feet "can definitely heat up" in it. 
  • Too high: The Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 sits too high off the ground, compromising court feel and stability.
  • Not for outdoors: Fair warning from a hooper: "Don't play with these outdoors."

Bottom line

A shoe with serious flaws - this is how the Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 is characterized. With this, it's clearly not the best choice. The Under Armour Curry 8 and the Jordan One Take are only two of the basketball shoes that are regarded as better alternatives to it.

Tip: see the best basketball shoes.

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Jordan Why Not Zer0.4: Focus on what matters

Now in its fourth release, Russell Westbrook's signature line continues to deliver on aspects that matter most to players. The Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 makes sure of the following:

Optimized energy return. The forefoot is equipped with double-stacked Zoom Air, ensuring high levels of bounciness to adequately fuel each explosive step toward the basket.

Locked-in fit. The laces and the fairly adaptive materials work together to securely mount the foot on top of the comfortable midsole.

Reactive grip. The durable split outsole features a data-based tread pattern that ensures multidirectional traction any time.

Why Not Zer0.4 vs Why Not Zer0.3: What was changed?

Besides its looks, the fourth Why Not offers the following notable upgrades from the Why Not Zer0.3:

Traction. The 3s only modified the traditional herringbone, but the 4s go a notch higher by totally altering the tread pattern based on data. The result is an entirely new configuration that is composed of nubs in various orientations.

Cushion. The "largest Zoom unit" was what the 3 had; the 4 aims to prove that size doesn't always matter. It has instead double-stacked Zoom Air units in the forefoot for responsiveness and energy return.

Strapless look. The Why Not Zer0.4 ditches the midfoot strap, resulting in a more streamlined appearance. 

Special colorways of the Why Not Zer0.4 from Jordan

“Russ wants to tell his stories and the stories that are important to him,” says Lee Gibson, who is the lead designer of the Why Not Zer0 4. This model is therefore released in a number of storied colorways; the ones that follow are just some:

Family. Featuring a black-white-metallic gold color scheme, the "Family" colorways pay tribute to the "undying love and support of his friends, family, and biggest fans."

Upbringing. Bathed in a hodgepodge of brights colors, the "Upbringing" colorway honors the Los Angeles schools and teams that helped Russ become the player that he is today. 

How Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 compares

This shoe: 82
All shoes average: 81
55 95
This shoe: £120
All shoes average: £120
£40 £460
This shoe: 334g
All shoes average: 393g
256g 812g
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