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7 reasons to buy

  • Comfortable cushion: The midsole feels so soft and comfortable that people wear this Jordan shoe all day without issue.
  • Court feel: Players can actually feel the floor quite well despite it being a little high off the ground.
  • True to size: Like other Russell Westbrook shoes, this one fits as expected.
  • Light: At around 11.3 oz (320 g), the One Take 2 is definitely among the lightest basketball shoes out there.
  • Ventilation: The upper feels very minimal and breathable, and it adds to the overall comfort of the shoe.
  • Durability: After wearing them all day for several days, many agree that these low-tops are built to last.
  • Style: Many players are happy that the second Jordan One Take also has a strong off-the-court appeal.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Inconsistent traction: The outsole and the tread pattern on it have a hard time supporting lateral shifty movements, causing slides and instability.
  • Insufficient support: The materials stretch too much and there is no outrigger, so this shoe loses a lot in the support and containment department.
  • Low-quality materials: The upper is made of a mesh material that isn't the most premium. It's also way too soft. 
  • Tongue discomfort: A player says that the tongue pinches the top of his foot, and it's a bit of an annoyance.

Bottom line

Even with just a few reviews in, the Jordan One Take II is already not having the best welcome. Of course, it has its strengths, but major performance issues are easily pointed out. Even at its relatively cheap $100 price point, there are still better options out there. 

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Jordan One Take II: For aggressive plays

Russell Westbrook is known for his on-court brashness and aggression. He surely needs a shoe that can keep up with his game. The Jordan One Take II is one of such shoes. It delivers the following:

Excellent grip. The outsole is decoupled to reduce weight, and it features a tread pattern that provides multidirectional coverage.

Responsive cushion. The shoe is equipped with a top-loaded Zoom Air unit to bring in the explosive energy needed to fuel aggressive strikes and sprints. 

Secure containment. The laces is connected to webbing loops on the sides; this setup allows the foot to be securely tied to the footbed.

The different faces of the Jordan One Take 2

Being cheaper than the more prominent Why Not Zero.4 Westbrook shoe, the second Jordan One Take is expected to appeal to a wider audience. It comes in a number of colorways: from the usual blacks and marble to the funky multi-colors. It also receives the "Shattered Backboard" treatment, which was first applied and made popular on a 2015 iteration of the widely popular Air Jordan 1


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