Who should buy the Jordan ADG 4

Co-designed by Michael Jordan himself, the 4th-generation ADG is arguably the slickest Jordan golf shoe yet. You are its target audience if:

  • You want all the stickiness you can get without resorting to wearing spiked golf shoes.
  • You've been searching for traditional kicks that don't look too old-school.
  • Great balance is a huge deal for you, whether during the initial stance or while swinging.

Jordan ADG 4 buy

Who should not buy it

If you're somewhat unsure about the durability of the ADG 4, check out the tougher Adidas Adipure instead. Also, with no squeaking issues and bad reports about its tongue, the Roshe G from Nike is a great alternative to the featured golf shoe.

Jordan ADG 4 no

Updates to the Jordan ADG 4

The Jordan ADG 4, which "ticks a lot of boxes," according to a vlogger, is a classy reinvention of the third in the series. What follows are its improvements over its predecessor:

A healthy dose of perforations. Besides its considerably sleeker silhouette, the ADG 4 now has numerous vent holes dotting its supple leather shell. Their presence translates to extra breathability for the golfer, making the featured shoe a fantastic companion on warmer days.

Redesigned heel. The high heel collar of the Jordan ADG 3 has been toned down quite a bit in this iteration. This design choice lowers the likelihood of the wearer developing heel blisters during the shoe's break-in period.

There's also the ADG 4's revamped heel counter. With it, golf players pull off more aggressive swings without their heels buckling.

Lined with leather. The Jordan ADG 4 provides extra in-shoe comfort thanks to its soft leather-lined upper. In comparison, the third-gen ADG sported non-leather padding within its confines.

Jordan ADG 4 update

Relentless grip in every pair

Many reviewers are completely floored by the clinginess of the Jordan ADG 4. Their raves are reflected in the following remarks:

  • "Great traction for wetter conditions."
  • "Nice and grippy for a spikeless shoe."
  • "Great traction in bunkers."
  • "Great secure feeling when swinging."

Jordan ADG 4 grip

Loads of comfort in the ADG 4

This svelte spikeless golf shoe from Jordan feels premium to the touch, according to numerous golf players. It's "extremely comfy from day 1," says one of them. Another one is just mesmerized by its plush interior, giving its super soft leather liner the highest praise.

And the better news about the ADG 4 when it comes to comfort? It's immediately pampering—no breaking in necessary.

Jordan ADG 4 comf

Prevents shaky stances and steps

Based on reports, among the ADG 4's aces is its remarkable stability. With it, an experienced golfer feels very connected to the ground, whether while walking or when swinging.

Jordan ADG 4 stab

Pray it lasts long

There are those who aren't very happy with the Jordan ADG 4 on the longevity front, with a disgruntled owner calling the shoe a "pure money grab." One example is the shoe's outsole, which, according to a couple of reviewers, detaches from the upper way too soon.

Others are not impressed with its top eyelets. An experienced golf player said that they started coming apart after only one round of golf.

Jordan ADG 4 frail

Jordan ADG 4: Weighty it is not

Despite its per-shoe weight of 425 grams, the Jordan ADG 4 is still considered by some reviewers quite light. FYI: the average weight of golf shoes is 393 grams.

Jordan ADG 4 light

Gets clean in no time

It has been reported that ridding the Jordan ADG 4 of superficial dirt is quite easy. Apparently, a clean damp rag can do easy work on mildly murky splashes and the like.

Jordan ADG 4 clean

Beautiful from any angle

Golf players in droves find the Jordan ADG 4 quite a head-turner. Their hot takes about its looks are as follows:

  • "Best looking Jordan golf shoe."
  • "Fun and stylish."
  • "Smooth-looking shoes."
  • "Very fashionable."

Jordan ADG 4 beauty

A case of squeakiness

There are those who are not as fond of the ADG 4 for the squeaking sound it creates at times. This is mostly a midsole/footbed issue and can be avoided by wearing the right pair of socks.

The ADG 4's sliding tongue

This Jordan kick, based on reports, tends to slide from side to side. The culprit here is the absence of a lace catcher on the ADG 4's tongue. Curiously enough, this feature was part of the featured shoe's predecessor.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 425g
Outsole: Spikeless
Material: Leather Upper
Closure: Laces
Style: Traditional
BRAND Brand: Jordan
Features: Breathable

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