Our verdict


The Ion Rascal is recommended to MTB cyclists who are looking for a comfortable, no-frills clipless MTB shoe. Best described as a pair that can handle anything thrown its way both on and off the bike, the shoe’s superior protection and stiff soles are the main features to thank.


  • Super comfortable cycling shoe
  • Excellent traction
  • Protective upper
  • Good power transfer
  • Excellent ankle support
  • Stable
  • Can be used for casual attires
  • Excellent quality


  • Hard to dry
  • Lack of cleat space

Who should buy the Ion Rascal

The Ion Rascal is one of the most capable mountain bike footwear for trail and enduro riders. It is for endless trail rides. It is a solid option if you:

  • Need a shoe that has the brand’s only clipless shoe and is designed mainly for downhillers, but some consider it as an all-rounder.
  • Need a shoe that was based on the SupTraction Rubber Soul CL and delivers efficient pedaling efficiency due to its longitudinal stiffness and lateral flex. 
  • Need a shoe that has a lockdown governed by the combination of traditional laces and the brand’s signature Serpen Tie.

Ion Rascal Logo

SupTraction Rubber Soul CL design

The Ion Rascal MTB shoe’s soles are made from the brand’s SupTraction Rubber Soul CL design. It combines stiffness via the longitudinal axis and flexibility via the lateral axis. The outsole is made from rubber while the midsole is crafted from 70% Ethyl Vinyl Acetate and 30% Thermoplastic Polyutherane. 

Ion Rascal SupTraction Rubber Soul CL design

The rubber sole offers traction for off-bike use. The rider stays upright in slippery trails whenever they need to dismount and push their bike.

Ion Rascal's cleat system

The Ion Rascal clipless shoe employs the traditional 2-bolt cleat design. Some of the clipless MTB pedals that are suitable for this model are DMT Vault Brendog Ice, Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill, and Superstar Nano-x EVO. The cleat area is recessed into the sole, and this setup keeps walking natural and comfortable.

Ion Rascal cleat system

Excellent impact protection

The shoe features the brand’s Toetal Protection technology and a pre-shaped heel. These elements provide an optimal safeguard against impacts. The Toetal Protection is the reinforced toe cap area that absorbs and deflects force from rock hits.

Ion Rascal midsole

The pre-shaped heels foster excellent comfort and precise fit to keep the heel in place. Lastly, the asymmetrical ankle pad keeps the inner ankle protected from bumps against the bike’s crankset

Secure fit and weatherproof

The Ion Rascal features the combination of laces and the brand's own Serpen Tie technology. The laces provide a time-tested closure while the Serpen Tie not only keeps the laces tucked away from getting caught in the bike but also doubles the security of the fit.

Ion Rascal Secure fit and weatherproof

Equipped with no-sew reinforcements and the brand’s Jet Stream technology, the inner fit is characterized by optimal comfort according to bikers. The seamless reinforcements help prevent rubbing and chafing while the Jet Stream feature helps keep the foot cool no matter the weather.

2K insole design

This pair’s insole features the brand’s 2K insole design that provides vibration-dampening and arch support. The result is less foot fatigue during long rides. It is crafted from 30% Polyester and 70% Ethyl Vinyl Acetate.

Ion Rascal Insole