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  • Inov-8 built the Fastlift 400 BOA based on the success of the previous Fastlift models. Engineered with weightlifting in mind, the shoe employs a number of technologies to ensure grip and stability for this kind of training.
  • The BOA lacing system has been supplemented with a traditional lace-up closure in the new model. Now, the foot is securely locked-in by the combined effort of the shoelaces, the medial strap, and the BOA.
  • Another prominent feature is the Power-Truss TPU wedge. Inherited from the earlier versions of the Fastlift, this component is designed to be lightweight yet firm to provide a non-compressible platform for the athlete.
  • The shoe also makes use of the brand’s proprietary Sticky rubber compound on the outsole. It delivers traction on a range of indoor surfaces.

The Inov-8 Fastlift 400 BOA is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. The width of the shoe is classified as 4 on the Inov-8’s Fit Scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is the narrowest and 5 is the widest. It means that the toe box of the model is created to be roomy to accommodate toe splaying during squats and lifts. However, the heel section is still made close-fitting to prevent wobbling. The midfoot is secured by a medial strap with an adjustable BOA system on top of a lace-up closure.

Inov-8’s Sticky rubber compound lines the bottom of the Fastlift 400 BOA. It serves to provide grip on various indoor surfaces, including wood and rubber, and even wet floors.

The outsole is made flat to ensure a stable lifting platform. However, the heel section features a set of strategically-placed dimples. They act like suction cups to enhance the gripping capability of the outsole.

A shallow Meta-Flex groove is present in the forefoot. It offers the flexibility needed for walking and performing some plyometric exercises.

The midsole of the Inov-8 Fastlift 400 BOA is not crafted for cushioning. The major part of the unit is composed of a sturdy Power-Truss wedge. This technology consists of 8 thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) pillars that support the heel of the athlete during weightlifting. TPU is a lightweight yet strong material which can hold over 500 kg without compressing.

Due to the wedge, the heel is raised above the toes by 16.5 mm. This drop allows athletes to squat deeper without putting excessive strain on the Achilles tendon. It also helps in maintaining the correct posture.

A tightly-woven fabric makes up the upper unit of the Fastlift 400 BOA for a snug fit. The polyurethane overlays are placed throughout the shoe for added structure and support.

The rearfoot is wrapped by the External Heel Cage. It is a firm TPU cradle which holds the back and the sides of the foot for lateral stability.

The toe box is reinforced with a thick synthetic overlay. This welded bumper protects the toes against impact during plyometric exercises.

The shoe employs multiple features to deliver a secure lockdown of the midfoot. Firstly, a conventional lace-up closure is placed on the instep. Its flat shoelaces can be easily adjusted according to the wearer’s preference. Secondly, the footgear uses a medial strap with the BOA lacing system on its end. The turning of the BOA knob tightens or loosens the low-friction cables attached to the lateral side of the trainer. Each click of the knob regulates the fit by 1 mm.

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