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5 reasons to buy

  • Almost all of the owners praise the Inov-8 FastLift 360 because of how stable they feel when they are lifting.
  • Tons of wearers love how grippy this trainer is on gym floors.
  • Many reviewers have stated that this pair of Inov-8 training shoes is very durable.
  • Numerous users appreciate the breathability of the top.
  • The military vibes of this model appeal to a lot of shoppers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some people think that the FastLift 360 is too tight.
  • Those who are not used to wearing weightlifting shoes find this trainer to be too stiff.

Bottom line

Looking sharp while lifting heavy won't be a problem when you're wearing the Inov-8 FastLift 360. It is made with a TPU heel that is sturdy and doesn't compress even when the person is lifting heavy. The sticky rubber outsole ensures that your feet are firmly planted when doing deadlifts, squats, or powercleans.

Meanwhile, the top is crafted using mesh, allowing the interior to remain fresh even when the situation gets intense. The External Heel Cage and the single midfoot strap secures the foot, preventing unwanted movement when you're lifting heavy. It comes highly recommended for people who are serious about weight training. 

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Good to know

What is it for? Inov-8 describes the Fastlift 360 as the “ultimate hybrid lifter” given its firm heel and flexible forefoot. This fusion makes it a weightlifting trainer that you can also use for jumps and burpees.

The 16.5 mm heel-to-toe drop puts this shoe into the lower end of the heel height spectrum (which ranges from 15 to 25 mm). The lower setup is more suitable for beginners and athletes who are still developing their ankle flexibility and correct lifting posture.

What makes it different? The 360 model doesn’t stray too far from its Inov-8 Fastlift siblings. All shoes from the line share a sturdy Power-Truss heel wedge and an External Heel Cage to deliver stability. However, some features do differentiate the Fastlift 360:

  • Weight: 360 grams per shoe put this model in the mid-range of Inov-8 lifters. However, compared to other brands whose lifting shoes weigh at 400 - 500 grams per shoe on average, it is considered a light option.
  • Upper: the trainer employs a refreshed upper design, inspired by F-Lite 235 v3. It offers a lighter and more flexible and, at the same time, more durable support.

Traction for gym floors. The Inov-8 Rubber compound covers the bottom of the Fastlift 360. Its sticky nature helps to prevent slippage throughout a workout session. Round indentures on the heel also contribute to the grip by acting like suction cups.

Forefoot flexibility. A wide Meta-Flex groove makes the shoe bend along with the foot. It works together with the pliable upper construction to allow for freedom of movement.

Ultra-supportive lifting base. A stable footing is the core feature of any weightlifting shoe. Inov-8 Fastlift 360 takes care of that by introducing a combination of Power-Truss and External Heel Cage (EHC).

  • Power-Truss comprises of multiple pillars which are made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). This heavy-duty material is often used by lifters to make non-compressible soles. It doesn’t let the shoe squish or bend when you grab a heavy load.
  • EHC is a reinforced version of a heel counter. It functions like a robust exoskeleton which stabilizes the rearfoot and doesn’t let it wobble under several hundred pounds.

Light and breathable support. The Fastlift 360 makes use of a segmented design which fuses breathable mesh inserts and sturdier overlays. Although it may seem stiff from the outside, it easily moves along with the foot when worn.

Double lockdown. A mix of traditional lacing closure and a midfoot strap allows for a customizable and secure foot containment.


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