Who should buy the Hoka Toa GTX

The Hoka Toa GTX is a waterproof and comfortable hiking shoe best recommended for:

  • speed hiking and for those needing extra support
  • long distance hiking on uneven terrain and rocky paths

Hoka Toa GTX hoka one one

Provides a springy platform

With its spring-in-your-step construction and three-season protection, the Hoka Toa GTX is by and large for those who are always on the go.

Hoka Toa GTX Provides a springy platform

That said, if we dig into it a little deeper, this brawny-yet-nimble piece has facets that make it a highly viable shoe for off-road adventurers.

The Toa GTX delivers steadier strides

The cratered design of the hiker’s midsole and the raised borders of its nappy footbed translate to steadier strides over uneven terrain.

Hoka Toa GTX delivers steadier strides

In other words, messing up your gait and posture just might be a thing of the past in this bad boy.

Poor performance on loose soil

This Hoka shoe can be worrying to wear on scree paths. While experts love its sticking prowess over rocky terrain, they despise its poor performance on very loose soil.

Hoka Toa GTX Poor performance on loose soil

Reviewers also complained about the toe box which is too wide, especially the women’s version. To a very few, this offering could be a snugger, especially around the toe zone.

Allows freedom of movement

With its outsole sporting multi-directional lugs, freedom of movement with fewer risks of slipping is yours in the Toa GTX.

Hoka Toa GTX Allows freedom of movement

There are also lugs jutting out slightly on their sides, making lateral (sideways) traversals relatively easier.

Offers sufficient cushioning and support

While most hiking shoes come with EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) midsoles, the Hoka Toa GTX has a rubberized one.

Hoka Toa GTX Offers sufficient cushioning and support

Both kinds provide sufficient cushioning and support; however, the featured shoe’s midsole may last longer, for the sole reason that it is rubber.

A top pick for comfort 

Gear pundits are united about the extreme comfiness of the Hoka Toa GTX. One among them even calls it his “top pick for comfort.”

Hoka Toa GTX A top pick for comfort 

Despite its stout sole, this imposing hiker will not weigh you down, critics say. The Toa GTX, according to professional reviewers, is amazing when it comes to keeping your arch afloat and supported.

Sticky on rocks

Bloggers find its Vibram outsole mighty effective on slabby rocks, including wet ones.

Hoka Toa GTX Sticky on rocks

It provides complete water protection. This is coming from a critic who conducted a five-minute underwater test on it.

Hoka Toa GTX is a stability wonder  

Finally, much like many of Hoka’s hiking kicks, the Toa GTX is a stability wonder.

Hoka Toa GTX  a stability wonder

This Hoka piece is also known as the Sky Toa GTX. Its eVent counterpart is simply called the Hoka Toa. eVent is an alternative waterproofing technology to Gore-Tex.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 428g / Women 357g
Base model: Hoka Toa
Use: Speed Hiking
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Lightweight / Chunky / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof

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