Who should buy the Hey Dude Wally Funk

The Wally Funk is as relaxing as it is impressive on extended urban outings. Purchase it if:

  • You want a shoe that works well with pants and shorts.
  • A chill get-up is what you want to show off on casual Fridays.
  • You want to end up with fresh and dry feet after a long day.

Hey Dude Wally Funk buy

Who should not buy it

With no worrying stretching reports, and because it comes in half sizes, the Ariat Cruiser has the upper hand over the Wally Funk. Also, you're better off getting the DC Villain as it comes in a sturdy box, not a bag.

Hey Dude Wally Funk no

Slip into its comfort zone

The Hey Dude Wally Funk is a collector of very positive reviews about its comfort level. The following are the noteworthiest of them:

  • "Like walking on marshmallows."
  • "Extremely comfortable."
  • "Like walking on clouds!"

Hey Dude Wally Funk comf

The light yet tough Wally Funk

With remarks such as "lightest shoe ever" and "light as air," the Wally Funk will give you a barely-there experience any day. But the better news to hear is that, despite its weightlessness, the featured kick is quite heavy-duty, according to several reviewers. It's "extremely durable," says one of them.

Hey Dude Wally Funk light

Compels you to be on your feet

In terms of support, the Hey Dude Wally Funk, based on reports, is no pushover. Solidifying such an observation are comments such as "easy to walk in for a good amount of time" and "my feet do not hurt after standing all day teaching."

Besides the shoe's supportiveness, the Wally Funk's ability to mitigate the effects of impact is also remarkable. It "absorbs everything," says a non-professional reviewer.

Hey Dude Wally Funk feet

A stretchy affair

Reviewers say that the Wally Funk's upper stretches quite a bit. It "stretched out super fast," says one of them. That said, others welcome it for extra room, while some folks are bothered by it, thinking that the shoe will go out of shape if the stretching continues.

Hey Dude Wally Funk stretch

Hey Dude Wally Funk: An easygoing looker

This great-fitting Hey Dude kick has classy aesthetics, and sneakerheads love it. It has a "very cool design," says one of them. Another reviewer simply yet proudly calls the shoe "fly."

Knows no sweat in its funky vocabulary

Among the Wally Funk's many aces is its extraordinary breathability. Its great ability to mitigate sweat translates to sweat prevention, which in turn staves off unwanted foot odor.

Wanted: Half sizes for the Wally Funk

There are those who are disappointed with the lack of half sizes for the Hey Dude Wally Funk. Some are forced to wear thicker socks just to fill the extra space after going a full size up.

Won't deplete your savings

The Wally Funk is as convenient to get on and off as it is easy on the wallet. $60 is its MSRP, cheaper by $46 than the average price of slip-on sneakers.

Bent on arrival

One of the few criticisms about the Wally Funk is its packaging. Apparently, it comes in a bag instead of a box. While not an issue if handled with care, it can lead to a deformed shoe if it's haphazardly shipped. According to a disgruntled user, this problem can be avoided entirely if the shoe comes in a box.

Facts / Specs

Base model: Hey Dude Wally
Style: Minimalist
Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Hey Dude Wally
Closure: Slip-on
Material: Textile, Rubber Sole

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