3 Best Veja Trainers in 2024

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The best thing about Veja trainers is that they're so damn classy. While the brand is known for its eco-friendly products, its shoes are simply elegant and wearable. Once you have your first pair, you will probably get more of the other models in the label’s repertoire.

If you like versatility and minimalism, the Veja Campo and the Urca are both high in the current rankings. For a more athletic vibe and sporty looks, check out the flashy and durable Veja Venturi. You can’t also go wrong with the aesthetically pleasing Veja Nova. Skim through the entire selection to find your perfect fit.

We tested 10+ of the best Veja trainers. After putting all the footwear to the wringer, we ranked them all for easier reference. Check out our No. 1 picks in different categories.

How we test sneakers

To ensure we only recommend the finest models to our readers, we do the meticulous work of analysing each sneaker at the RunRepeat shoe lab. All the Veja kicks undergo a series of mechanical tests. After noting all necessary lab results data, our wear-testers take the trainers to real-world performance evaluation.

Our data-driven process involves:

  • Investing in hours, energy, and science in each review. We buy the trainers with our own savings for all the tests, guaranteeing complete objectivity.
  • After vetting all the Veja trainers at the RunRepeat shoe lab, we conduct performance assessments in the real world. Wear-testing each model for a month, we evaluate the fit, comfort, weight, easy on and off features, breathability, durability, flexibility, style, and many more.
  • We dissect the shoes and analyse their parts even further.

Best Veja trainers overall

Veja Campo

What makes it the best?

Veja Campo surmounted all the other Veja sneakers in our conducted wear and performance tests, asserting its status as the most notable Veja pair out there! Its construction and comfort rise to a level unreached by any other sneakers. The icing on the cake is, that it is produced with a green approach so no need to feel environmental guilt!

Even though the process of manufacturing Veja Campo is a lot more eco-conscious than most sneakers, its quality is sure not diminished in any way. In fact, we found the sneaker to exhibit excellent craftsmanship, not to mention, top-tier materials.

We put this sneaker to actual use, and we picked up two great things: Veja Campo delivered fantastical comfort, and keeping it immaculate is no trouble at all. The pitfall is we realized that this sneaker feels rigid at first. Thus, a break-in period is necessary. If you are not up for break-in periods, we recommend selecting Veja sneakers that provide an instant feeling of ease.


  • Premium craftsmanship
  • Through-the-roof comfort level
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Consistent sizing
  • Clean and sleek looks
  • Versatile design


  • Expensive
  • Rigid before break in
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Best minimalist Veja trainers

Veja Esplar

What makes it the best?

Earning the title of best minimalist Veja sneaker is the Veja Esplar. We can attest that beyond this sneaker’s minimalist silhouette, there’s is a lot more to this pair, exceeding our expectations in versatile performance and foot serenity. Setting us back by £130, we found that it delivers significant value over its price, which for reference only transcends the sneaker price average by 2.2%.

Veja Esplar presents a superior level of adaptability to most types of occasions, may they be urban fashion or slightly formal settings. This is a contributing factor to why we found this minimalist pair a joy to use every day. We also discovered that this kick could bear up against daily stresses and abrasions, as it has a marvelous construction. 

We also derived pleasure from the irresistible comfort Veja Esplar granted. However, we noticed that it needs time to be less stiff and more comfortable. Due to this, we do not recommend this sneaker for individuals who don’t have the patience to break in a pair.


  • Mighty comfy for extended wear
  • Eco-friendly
  • Premium quality
  • Simply versatile
  • Reasonable asking price
  • Runs true to size
  • Just as awesome IRL as in photos


  • With break-in
  • Not for skinny feet
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