3 Best Stephen Curry Basketball Shoes in 2023

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3 Best Stephen Curry Basketball Shoes in 2023
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The signing of Stephen Curry in 2013 by Under Armour makes the brand one of the most popular in the basketball world. Initially wearing UA Clutchfit Drive and Anatomix Spawn, the NBA legend finally released his first signature shoe, the Under Armour Curry 1, in 2015.

Well-received by basketball fans for its excellent on-court performance, superb traction, cushioning, and lockdown fit, the Under Armour Curry series is now on its 9th version and still growing strong. For anyone who loves Steph’s brilliance on the court, you won’t be disappointed with his amazing line of signature sneakers.

In case you still need some convincing to get a pair, we’ve reviewed Stephen Curry basketball shoes. We tested them to the max and scrutinized every little detail from the inside out. After a thorough test, we selected our top picks for your quick reference.

Best Stephen Curry basketball shoes overall

What makes it the best?

Our experience with the Under Armour Curry 10 led us to conclude that it really is the best one from Stephen Curry’s line. Aside from its flawless breathability, this shoe also offered a good deal of durability and a barely-there lightweight feel. Wearing this shoe was nothing short of delightful!

Hands down, this has got to be the most breathable shoe we’ve ever tested. Air just went in and out of the shoe as it pleased, leaving our feet dry even after long hours of play. If we could give this shoe a 10 out of 5, we would!

We subjected both the toebox and the heel counter to our standard Dremel test, and both fared very well. The toebox got a 4 out of 5 while the heel counter got a perfect 5. Because of these results, we do not anymore have doubts about this shoe’s longevity.

Weighing only 12.63 oz or 359g, this shoe is indeed lighter than the average hoop shoe, which weighs 13.65 oz or 387g based on our data. The reduced weight helped us move faster and with much ease.

Too bad we couldn’t use this shoe outdoors. Its severely soft outsole simply couldn’t withstand the harsher conditions there. Our HC durometer readings revealed a rating of 59.5 when the average is 80.3.


  • Fantastic traction on indoor courts
  • Pronounced court feel
  • A lot of spring back
  • Flawless heel-to-toe transition
  • Highly breathable upper
  • Very supportive and stable
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Stylish design


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • So-so impact protection
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Today's best price

Any color
Black/After Burn/Yellow Ray (3025620001)
Purple Panic/Antifreeze (3025621500)
Blue (3026949400)
Capri / Yellow Ray (3025622300)

Stephen Curry basketball shoes with the best lockdown

What makes it the best?

With a variety of colors to choose from and the ability to upload a personal photo, you can surely make yourself stand out on and off the court. The Curry One is an excellent on-court performer with superb traction, cushioning, and fit. Add to that the means to create your unique design, and you get another amazing product from Under Armour. P.S. Do not confuse it with the Curry 1 Flotro.


  • Various colorway options
  • Top-notch traction
  • Excellent cushioning
  • One-to-one fit
  • Allows customization
  • Fits ankle brace
  • Good for outdoors


  • Needs wiping when dusty
  • Lacks breathability
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Today's best price

Any color
White/Gold (1286288100)

Stephen Curry basketball shoes with the best value

What makes it the best?

The Under Armour Curry 3Z5 is the second silhouette from Stephen Curry's shoe line and is perfect for players, especially guards, who will truly regard this shoe as a true bang for their buck. Big men can still try this out, but shoes like the UA Embiid One might be better suited for them. Luckily, this price drop did not put the design and materials of this shoe in jeopardy.


  • Grips clean courts quite well
  • Balanced cushioning
  • Dependable lateral support
  • Nice materials
  • True-to-size fit
  • Great for indoor courts
  • Insanely lightweight
  • Reliable traction
  • Excellent stability


  • Dust-prone sole
  • Not for outdoors
  • Faulty collar
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Today's best price

Any color
Black/Gum (3023087003)
Black/Yellow (3023087004)
Blanc (3023087105)

Comparison of the 3 best Stephen Curry basketball shoes

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How we test basketball shoes

At RunRepeat, we make sure that all the models on this list are comprehensively tested and examined. We’ve spent hours in our own shoe testing lab to check and recheck every essential part of each model. We further test the shoes on the court and in other sports activities.

To make the cut, here’s exactly our approach:

  • We only test all the Stephen Curry basketball sneakers that we bought with our own money.
  • We cut the shoes open inside the RunRepeat lab. We analyze and measure 30+ parameters of the shoes and check their midsole cushioning, lockdown fit, outsole traction, and many others.
  • We assess and determine the on-court performance, comfort, and durability by playing numerous games of basketball.
Dimitrije Curcic
Dimitrije Curcic

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