3 Best Nike Mercurial Soccer Cleats, 20+ Shoes Tested in 2022

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3 Best Nike Mercurial Soccer Cleats, 20+ Shoes Tested in 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo introduced to the world the first-ever Nike Mercurial soccer cleats in 1998. It was originally released in black. The silver, blue, and yellow versions were soon released for the 1998 World Cup held in France. All the boots were designed in Soft Ground and Firm Ground varieties.

Designed for speed, this was the first time that Nike ventured into producing lightweight boots using synthetic materials. Due to its technological marvel, the boot is endorsed by legendary soccer players notably known for its speedy playing styles such as Ronaldo, Mbappé, Zlatan Ibrahimović, and Drogba, just to name a few.

If you’re out to get your first or another pair of the Mercurial cleats, we provide you with our best picks and in-depth reviews of the latest offerings of the Mercurial lineup available in the market.

How we test soccer cleats

Ranking the best models on this list requires hours of testing and analysis at the micro-level. We perform our wear test sessions playing actual games on the pitch. We subject each model to the real pressures and demands of the sport. Here’s how we approach it:

  • We buy the Nike Mercurial shoes using our own funds. This allows us to remain unbiased and avoid any brand loyalty.
  • We put in hours of playing time on the soccer field to see for ourselves the real-world performance, comfort, flexibility, and durability of the boots.
  • We compare notes with other members of our wear-testing team. We discuss, for instance, our personal impressions when the ball touches the boot, the grip of the cleats, and some other parameters.
  • We also collate more data from testimonials given by professional players, other experts, as well as regular players.

In the end, we give each Nike Mercurial soccer cleat an overall score using the CoreScore system. You will immediately see how each model performed during the selection process by looking at its final ratings.

Best Nike Mercurial soccer cleats overall

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite FG
Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite FG


4.5 / 5 from 128 users
92 / 100 from 2 experts


  • Reliably grippy
  • Aptly textured for ball control
  • Comfortable fit
  • Feels really light on foot
  • Ensures a stable gait
  • Worth the investment
  • Secure lockdown
  • Stylish


  • Expensive
  • Needs break-in
  • Less protection


The Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite FG grips the ground well and its upper is textured for a lot easier ball maneuvers. It has quite a high price, but given all the tech and benefits that you get from it, it is totally fair to say that this soccer cleat from Nike is well worth every penny spent on it.
Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite FG full review

Best value Nike Mercurial soccer cleats

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite FG
Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite FG


4.5 / 5 from 104 users
92 / 100 from 2 experts


  • Good traction
  • Awesome ball feel
  • Great fit
  • Light feel
  • Reliable foot containment
  • Stable gait
  • Stylish
  • Superb comfort


  • Needs break-in time
  • Less protective upper


After the excellent performance of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite, Nike fans definitely did not miss its next iteration. With its great traction, excellent ball feel, lightweight and reliable containment, football fans are full of praise for the Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite FG, saying that this shoe is a must-have as it focuses on four areas: fit, touch, traction, and style.
Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite FG full review