3 Best K-Swiss Tennis Shoes in 2023

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3 Best K-Swiss Tennis Shoes in 2023
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There's something about K-Swiss tennis shoes that will pull at your heartstrings if you love the classic style and how memory foam cradles your foot. Now, if you're uncertain which K-Swiss shoe will suit you best, we went ahead to playtest every available shoe model in the market.

After giving each shoe a rigorous two-week drill test, we had the opportunity to filter which of them outperformed the rest. If you are scouring for the best from this brand that isn’t bottom-heavy, stable through long rallies, or won't rip you off your entire savings, take time to skim through our top choices below.

How we test tennis shoes

Brand advertisements don't influence our selection process in any way. And we don't blindly pick which shoes land among our top choices. Instead, we follow this process:

  • We buy each pair with our money to remain unbiased.
  • We systematically rake all possible reviews from verified users and experts and extract all the positives and negatives. 
  • Our Corescore system methodically ranks each rated shoe from 1 to 100.
  • Our tennis experts evaluate each shoe's overall build and conduct uncompromising playtests, a minimum of 16 hours a week for two weeks.

Our final verdict consists of consolidated analyses from the amassed reviews and scoreboard results of our experts' playtests. 

Best K-Swiss tennis shoes overall

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express
K-Swiss Hypercourt Express


4.5 / 5 from 2,148 users
88 / 100 from 6 experts


  • Plush cushioning
  • Excellent stability
  • Offers ample room
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Comfortable straight from the box
  • Offers exciting colors
  • Excellent level of traction


  • Toe jamming
  • Thick tongue padding

What makes it the best overall?

A popular pick among avid club players, the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express is raved about for its underfoot comfort, support, stability, and ventilation. Going into the specifics, this footgear is engineered with a sufficiently padded collar and cushioning. This trainer is also fused with a breathable exterior membrane, stabilizing DuraWrap, and reinforced forefoot.
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Best K-Swiss all court tennis shoes

K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme
K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme


4.3 / 5 from 2,294 users
86 / 100 from 1 expert


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent ankle support
  • Solid traction
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Extremely durable
  • Visually-appealing


  • Narrow fit

What makes it the best all court?

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme is a cushioned tennis shoe for different playing surfaces. It has received positive feedback from most users because of its supportive and lightweight design.
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Best cushioned K-Swiss tennis shoes

K-Swiss Ultrashot
K-Swiss Ultrashot


3.9 / 5 from 302 users
90 / 100 from 5 experts


  • Responsive cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Supportive
  • No break-in period
  • Secure ride


  • Neoprene-like material makes the instep sweaty
  • Color bleeds on light-colored socks

What makes it the best cushioned?

Equipped with a wealth of tech components and a streamlined façade, the K-Swiss Ultrashot readily speeded into the hearts of court players. Wearers talked loud about the springy midsole that’s paired to a supportive upper structure. Users were unanimous in saying that it’s a stable trainer that performs well.
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Brenton Barker
Brenton Barker

Brenton is an Australian with 20 years of experience coaching WTA and ATP professional tennis players, whom have won a total of 10 international professional Tournaments. Brenton holds a Degree in Sports Coaching and was the former Head Tennis Coach at the Japanese Government Sports Science Institute. Brenton was also a former Manager & Head Coach of Australia’s Governing Sporting Body, Tennis Australia, and has been a Dunlop International Advisory Board Member since 2010. Additionally, Brenton was the Head of Player development for World No 7 and two-time Grand Slam Champion Johan Kriek.