4 Best Black Adidas Soccer Cleats, 40+ Shoes Tested in 2022

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Black-colored soccer cleats are hands down the coolest, must-have design the Three Stripes has to offer. Not only because of the color’s versatility that easily matches anything you have in the wardrobe but also because the most popular Adidas releases are available in a variety of black versions.

From the Adidas Predators, X Ghosted, and even the Speedflow and Copas, the black versions will definitely catch your attention among other colors. For Lionel Messi fans out there, his signature collection comes in eye-catching black designs.

With so many great options when it comes to the best black Adidas soccer cleats, getting the perfect pair can be a hassle. RunRepeat is here to eliminate that hassle by giving you our top picks based on hours and hours of wear tests and research.

How we test soccer cleats

To make our recommendations, we have rounded up 30+ of the best black soccer cleats from Adidas. We then bring the shoes to the soccer field for a series of in-game performance tests. We also use our own experience and knowledge about the game and the soccer cleats market as well.

To ensure the objectivity and accuracy of our reviews, we adhere to the following:

  • We buy the Adidas soccer footwear from our own pocket. This is to ensure we don’t have any brand loyalty and bias.
  • We test each pair in actual games. This is the best way to get the actual feel of its fit, comfort, flexibility, accuracy, and overall performance.
  • To make our reviews more comprehensive, we further subject the footwear to the real-life pressures of the game playing in various conditions on the pitch.
  • We are always guided by our “No play, no review” policy.
  • We also take into consideration the feedback from other professional testers.

In the end, an overall score is given using the CoreScore system. After calculating all variables gathered from the performance tests, you will see the final rating ranging from 0-100 on each Adidas model.

Best black Adidas soccer cleats overall

Adidas Predator Freak+
Adidas Predator Freak+


4.7 / 5 from 84 users
90 / 100 from 5 experts


  • Reliable traction
  • Pain-free rides
  • Secure containment
  • Good materials
  • Lightness


  • Hard to put on
  • Break-in needed


The Predator Freak+ from Adidas is well-received by soccer players. Though there's no mention of any particular feature that stands out, the shoe as a whole gets the job done so well, and it's all that matters. Indeed, it is a worthy follow-up to the hugely successful Predator Mutator.
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Best black Adidas firm ground soccer cleats

Adidas X Ghosted.2 Firm Ground
Adidas X Ghosted.2 Firm Ground


4.3 / 5 from 578 users


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Soft in-shoe feel
  • Stylish overall look
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to put on


  • Questionable durability
  • Shallow heel


The Adidas X Ghosted.2 Firm Ground soccer affords players a no-frills construction that delivers a lightweight yet comfortable ride for that speedy play sesh. But a few testers complained about its shallow heel, which they hoped to be deeper, many still considered this cleat as a good bang for the buck. This Ghosted pair is not kidding around and makes good with its promise of “flying on the firm ground.”
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Best value black Adidas soccer cleats

Adidas Copa Super
Adidas Copa Super


4.3 / 5 from 1,576 users


  • Admirable classic style
  • Great value for money
  • Premium quality materials
  • Well-made cleat stitching
  • Upper makes playing better


  • Large and bulky tongue
  • Tight around the toes
  • Poor wearability


The Adidas Copa Super sports a clean and sleek look. The unique construction works to deliver a lightweight feel and superb ball touch that significantly improves performance. This soccer cleat shows off the iconic three stripes and the Copa callout on its lateral sides. It also wears an outsole that perfectly suits the small-sided game and the streets. This soccer cleat also offers such great value for money.
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