Verdict from 10 user reviews

12 reasons to buy

  • Majority of the reviewers highly commend the quality and craftsmanship of these sneakers.
  • One described these as one of his most favorite cops of 2018.
  • The pattern and the star imprints on the outsole appealed several of the purchasers.
  • The Gucci side print seems to be well-made, according to one tester.
  • Despite the high price tag, reviewers claim that it is worth it.
  • Unlike mass-produced sneakers, the Gucci Rhyton Gucci illustrates its utmost quality as no glue marks can be seen throughout the shoe. Instead, everything is stitched and done in the most remarkable manner.
  • The Rhyton Gucci Logo is reminiscent of the famous Balenciaga Triple S. However, a Gucci fan purchased the former as he has been loyal to the brand.
  • The small details make the sneakers worth it, according to a couple of testers.
  • The hidden Gucci print on the removable insole and the interior of the sneaker are accents that add to the appeal of the shoe, said several commenters.
  • The additional height provided by this Gucci sneaker earns extra positive points from one wearer.
  • One applauds Gucci for using an eggshell white upper than the pure white color used on Gucci Ace.
  • The shoe provides ample cushioning making it a pleasure to wear according to a significant amount of consumers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several online commenters are still on the fence with the dad sneaker vibe exuded by these kicks.
  • Because the leather is buttery soft, the upper wrinkles quickly, said one reviewer.

Bottom line

Just when minimalist sneakers have been dominating the sneaker trend for the past decade, the dad sneakers catch on with a bigger and bolder entrance, just like its silhouette. Similar to the different high-end brands that jumped on this trend train, Gucci released its rendition of this thick-soled and aggressively awkward shoes embodied by the Gucci Rhyton Gucci Logo. Although its aesthetics needs time to ease on the eyes, users of the shoe can attest to its superior quality and craftsmanship. 

Good to know

The Gucci Rhyton Gucci is a unisex sneaker that is offered in men's sizes in a wide range from 6-16 US. A removable insole that is half an inch in height serves as the first-hand cushioning. Although not entirely an athletic footwear brand, Gucci provides the same level of comfort, if not exceeds, as other mass-produced sneaker brands, only with the added luxuriousness.

Because of its chunky and oversized profile, the Gucci Rhyton Gucci Logo already garnered street style points before its official release. Expected from the brand, each detail stands out, but its 1980s-inspired logo imprint on the side creates the ultimate statement. This debossed design represents almost every element identifiable to the brand, from the double-G logo, red and green stripes, and the black and gold Gucci texts on all corners.

The premium ecru leather upper contrasts the audaciousness because of its neutrality. It elevates the versatility of its look which blends seamlessly with every outfit and remains to create a dramatic message.

Although not Gucci's initial product line, entering the sneaker game only posed threats to other athletic and luxury brands. The Gucci Rhyton Logo, despite being called a dad or ugly sneaker, beholds the true Italian craftsmanship it has been known for. Each element of the shoe, from the buttery leather upper, imprinted logo, removable insole, and outsole, only justifies its $820 price tag.

As a hotel employee in Paris and London, Guiccio Gucci sparked inspiration from the high-quality luggage that used by guests. Upon his return to his birthplace in Florence in 1920, he established a small shop specializing in fine leather goods. Because of paying attention to the utmost detail done by his most skilled artisan craftsmen who handcrafted each piece, his store became a success.

During the 1930's and the 1950's, the designer drew heavy inspiration from the equestrian world which reflected on the Horsebit logo and red and green stripes that promptly became trademarks of the brand. Over the years, the brand reinvented new designs and continuously innovate product styles while maintaining the Italian craftsmanship it was known for.

Currently, Gucci is one of the most high-end and best-selling brands in the world with more than 500 stores worldwide. It has also expanded its product line not only offering bags but apparels, sneakers, and accessories.

  • The Gucci Rhyton Gucci Logo rivals the famous Balenciaga Triple S.
  • Gucci released this sneaker, along with two other Rhyton versions, on their SS18 collection.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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