Construction of the Giro Riddance

The Riddance was co-designed by world-class trail and freeride legends Carson Storch, Kurt Sorge, and Graham Agassiz. It took the place of the brand’s previous high-end flat pedal shoe called the Jacket. The Riddance is constructed with the help of Vibram’ Megagrip ISR technology for enhanced grip. 

Lastly, the Riddance is also equipped with enough protection to withstand crashes and rock strikes. The shoe is recommended for cross-country, downhill, enduro and trail rides. 


Sufficient grip and power transfer. Armed with Vibram Megagrip ISR rubber outsole, the Riddance is engineered for grip. The shoe’s tread traction is designed to stick onto flat pedals, while the stiffness prevents energy from being wasted.

Dampens vibration. Both the shoe’s EVA midsole and rubber outsole work together to dampen vibration. No matter how bumpy and difficult your chosen trail is, this shoe will help reduce the sensation of shakiness. Too much vibration results in excessive activation of muscles that yield the same power output, which means an increase in energy cost.

Cleat System

The Giro Riddance is a flat cycling shoe meant to match Five Ten’s unbeatable flat outsole design. It features a circle-like tread pattern designed to latch onto bike pedals. Flat outsoles are usually seen on mountain cycling shoes. This allows the cyclist to freely plant their foot on the ground every time it's needed. It eliminates the factor of fear of not detaching in time, hence allowing the rider to focus on perfecting their techniques and skills.


Water repellent and supple. This pair’s upper features several layers crafted from microfiber for excellent durability. Microfiber is also known to resist water. This material offers a soft and comfortable 

Durable and protective. The shoe features toe and heel reinforcement to add another layer of durability. It also serves as added foot protection against rocks, debris and other types of impact. Moreover, a technology known as Rockprint is applied on the reinforcements for longer durability.

Time-tested lace-up closure. Apart from providing a retro look, the lace-up closure also ensures a comfortable lockdown fit. It avoids hotspots on the top foot and is the lightest closure option out of all of the available systems in cycling shoes.


The Giro Riddance is available in both men’s and women’s versions. The ladies’ model has a slim last shape to mimic and fit the naturally narrow foot shape of women.


The Riddance employs a molded DH EVA footbed with arch support. This provides optimal in-step comfort. Although this shoe is generally a mountain bike shoe and can be used in the wide variety of mountain biking, its insole is specially designed for downhill cycling. The DH stands for “downhill.”

Additional Info

  • Lace tucks are provided to keep laces in place and prevent them from getting stuck in the pedal or chain.
  • The shoe’s two top-most eyelets are crafted from metal for enhanced durability.
  • Perforation holes are emblazoned throughout the upper for added ventilation.
  • This model’s collar and tongue are padded around the ankle and top foot for comfort.
  • Brandings are placed on the tongue, lateral midsole, and outsole.
  • The tongue is crafted from a mesh material for comfort and ventilation.
  • The Riddance was introduced alongside the Riddance Mid. This version has a taller profile fastened with a strap and offers more ankle protection.


The current trend of Giro Riddance.
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