Garmont Dragontail LT notable features

-The Garmont Dragontail LT is engineered for approach travelers who require an extra dose of stability in their step. Its build quality allows its users to tackle mixed terrain and technical rock while carrying heavily loaded packs.

-Garmont shoemakers opted to imbue the Dragontail LT with a.d.d. (Anatomically Directed Design). This technology, which is wholly owned by Garmont, enhances the shoe’s ability to absorb shock and stabilize the wearer’s footing. It also promotes forward movements, thereby requiring less effort from the user.

-Additional walking comfort on level terrain is courtesy of the Dragontail LT’s toe-rockered sole unit. It consists of a multi-density midsole and the Vibram Q811 outsole.

Size and fit

Garmont’s Dragontail LT is a below-the-ankle approach shoe for men and women. It comes with a roomy toe box, all thanks to the a.d.d. technology. Hikers and climbers alike may get a customized fit in it using the shoe’s to-toe lace-up closure. This lockdown system comes with Heel Lock, a proprietary technology that produces extra snugness around the rearfoot, thereby locking the heel in place.


Where surface traction is concerned, the Dragontail LT relies on its Vibram Q811 outsole. It is based on the XS Trek compound, which provides a combination of adequate sticking power and sensitivity over a variety of terrain. Users can expect to remain surefooted on it over loose soil with its low-profile lugs and swirly tread patterns. It covers the front end of the shoe by about half an inch for extra bump protection.


With the Garmont Dragontail LT’s hard-wearing midsole, hikers-slash-climbers can keep their balance and experience enough comfort over rugged terrain. It is made with a combination of polyurethane and tri-density microporous rubber. Its heel section is made tough yet cushy to deliver sufficient shock absorption and rebound during transitions.

Rounding out all things midsole in the Dragontail LT is a removable footbed, called ECO-PU. Its presence translates to additional support and cushioning underfoot.


Suede leather, with a thickness of 1.8 mm, is the primary material that makes up the Dragontail LT’s low-cut shell. It comes with a supple liner made of mesh. Getting in and out of its plush confines is made quick thanks to its tongue and heel pull loops. Most of its base section is sufficiently randed for protection against cuts and scrapes, as well as added traction on low-grade climbs. Its lacing system with Heel Lock technology consists of the shoe’s synthetic lace and combination eyelets.

The a.d.d. technology is mostly at play within the shoe’s upper. Indeed, the tech in question involves the hiker’s anatomical tongue, asymmetrical cuff (collar), precision lacing, and differential ankle pads.

Garmont Dragontail LT vs. Dragontail MNT

Built with quality materials, the Dragontail LT is one of Garmont’s best approach offerings. As such, many adventurers/netizens pit it against other high-quality kicks under the same category. In this head-to-head, the featured Garmont shoe finds competition in the Dragontail MNT. These two kicks are quite similar at first glance—they have the same suede leather upper and rand construction. That said, they do have differences. These distinctions are as follows:

Weight. Approach fans who prefer to stay as agile as possible in their travels might find the Garmont Dragontail LT the better gear on this front. Yes, the featured shoe is lighter than the Dragontail MNT by approximately 80 g.

Outsole technology. As previously discussed (see Outsole section), the Garmont Dragontail LT is equipped with the Vibram Q811 outsole. The Dragontail MNT, on the other hand, comes with the outsole called Vibram Maton. The Dragontail MNT’s outsole is based on the Mont compound, which promises to produce sufficient surface traction even at very low temperatures.

Asking price. In this round, the Dragontail LT bags the crown yet again. Indeed, it is cheaper than the Garmont Dragontail MNT by about $10.

Supportiveness. When it comes to extra underfoot support, the Dragontail MNT appears to be the better product. Yes, it comes with a supportive frame made of nylon.

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