Our verdict


With the Dragontail on, dull moments will be so far away from your feet, whether you're tackling the trails or the city streets. Its name might be intimidating, but comfort-wise, it's anything but. Indeed, this grippy light hiking shoe from Garmont translates to mighty plush outings, not backing down on rugged terrain despite its unassuming stature.


  • Incredibly stable
  • Peak comfort level
  • No break-in required
  • Excellent traction
  • Astonishing fit
  • Remarkable finish
  • Easy access
  • Charming design


  • Questionable outsole durability
  • Unruly laces

Who should buy the Garmont Dragontail

The Garmont Dragontail deviates from its approach roots and into the city-to-trail territory. Purchase it if:

  • You're looking for urban hikers that come with extra upper protection.
  • Hiking shoes that give great tenacity on base-mountain terrain are what you're after.
  • You prefer comfy kicks that don't give you a hard time with on and off.

Who should not buy it

If you prefer a pair with a more enduring outsole, take the Danner Trail 2650 route. And if you want something that doesn't untie easily, the Moab 3 from Merrell is for you.

Garmont Dragontail equals steady footing

Balance is exceptional in the Dragontail, and a considerable number of reviewers agree. "Rocks and undulations are irrelevant when wearing this shoe," says one of them. Another one says that it provides "plenty of arch support and stability."

As comfortable as a fur baby

Many hikers find the Garmont Dragontail incredibly comfy and right on day one at that. One of them calls it "fantastic in terms of comfort." Another one describes the kick as a "super comfortable low-top hiker."

Dragon claws for feet

The Garmont Dragontail's proprietary outsole delivers superb multi-surface adhesion. It admirably "takes on varied terrain," says one among them. Another experienced trail-goer says that it produces "great traction on rock."

Unfortunately, there's a but in this whole grip conversation, and it has something to do with durability. "The soles are super soft and wear out quickly," says a disappointed adventurer.

The Dragontail slips on and fits like a glove

Part of the Garmont Dragontail's greatness is its delightful fit. Couple that with "easy insertion" (as one reviewer puts it), and you got a kick that feels more like a snug slipper than a restrictive performance shoe.

Such a finely built hiking shoe

As far as craftsmanship goes, the Garmont Dragontail comes swinging. Comments such as "fantastic build quality" and "well-made" give this statement credence.

Garmont Dragontail: Low-key yet head-turning

This versatile hiking shoe from Garmont looks way better in person, and trail-goers are all for it. "The shoes are beautiful," says an adventurer about their eye-catching Dragontails.

Momentum-breaking shoestrings

It's been reported that the Garmont Dragontail's laces don't like staying tied. "The laces kept coming undone," said a not-so-amused hiking enthusiast.

Now, you don't need to feel defeated knowing that the featured hiker has this potential issue. If you're in love with it despite its unruly shoestrings, your best bet is the proper lacing technique. Fortunately for you, we've created this guide to help you out. Cheers!