Footjoy Tour X review

The Footjoy Tour X golf shoes are serious shoes for the serious golfer. Featuring a lightweight design with a highly durable structure, this soft spike shoe features a classic, traditional look all golfers will love. Boasting a Fast Twist 3.0 cleat system for exceptional traction, the Tour X brings together the best that Footjoy has to offer in a high-performance option.

Who should buy this

The Tour X is a reliable model that is ideal for those who are looking for a lightweight and waterproof golf shoe.

Who should NOT buy this

The Footjoy Tour X is not for you if you:

  • want a golf shoe that is breathable (the Footjoy Flex is praised for its breathable upper)
  • are looking for a cheaper option (the Footjoy Pro SL is spikeless but more affordable)

The Tour X is stable

Footjoy spent a lot of time researching the proper fit profile and structure needed to produce one of the most stable golf shoes on the market. Footjoy’s proprietary PowerStrap feature incorporates a molded component integrated into the shoe for excellent support around its top and sole.


The Footjoy Tour X has excellent traction

Thanks to the patented cleat design, this soft spike design allows you to stay connected to the golf course with excellent traction in any playing condition. I found these to be truly excellent in wet conditions without tearing up fairways and greens despite the considerable height of the spikes.


The Footjoy Tour X is waterproof

As with most Footjoy shoes, the Tour X also offers excellent waterproof protection. Your feet will remain dry in wet conditions without compromising the overall comfort and fit of the shoe.


These shoes are not very breathable

A trade-off with the Tour X is their lack of breathability compared to other options in the Footjoy stable. Golfers who need a little more ventilation should consider the Flex XP or Hyperflex offerings from the brand.


The Footjoy Tour X looks great!

Traditionalists will love the look and style of these golf shoes, which are very similar to the saddle shoe design Footjoy made famous. They will go nicely with shorts or slacks, depending on your playing style.


The spikes are rather high

Despite being a soft spike shoe, some golfers may find the cleats substantially higher than other brands. When looking down at your toes you’ll notice the spikes protruding from the sides. This might be distracting for some players, but does not impact overall performance.


Expect a lower fit profile below the ankle

The Footjoy Tour X is a low-rise shoe that fits below the ankle, but still features enough support to keep you safe whether you are walking 18 holes or making a golf swing. Golfers who prefer a fit closer to a high-top shoe or who require more ankle support may want to consider other options.


A bit pricey

Previous season models of the Footjoy Tour X can reach $150, which is slightly higher than average ($143.00). 

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 425g
Outsole: Spiked
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Leather
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic

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