Profile of the Footjoy Tour S

The FJ Tour S is built to target precision and comfort. Each part of the shoe serves a specific function. But, every area also works harmoniously with each other to get the most out of each feature.


The outsole of the Tour S is outfitted with Footjoy Tour Pods, which serves as the shoe’s best-kept secret on why it has incredible stability. The pods make the most of the surface area in the heel and forefoot. 

It is seated on a carbon-weave fiberglass plate which supports, stabilizes, and controls motion. It is supplemented by a proprietary Pebax powered chassis, a highly lightweight robust full foot stabilizer.


A dual-density PU fit-bed is placed in the middle of the outsole and upper. It possesses superior underfoot cushioning to guarantee that all-day comfort is granted.


As one of the leading brands of golf shoe manufacturers, Footjoy knows that its customers only deserve the best. The upper of the shoe best illustrates this. It is clad with a luxurious leather that came from Pittards of England. Through this, users can only be ensured that, other than getting the best kind, it is also comfortable as it wraps the foot to perfection. 

Taking it up a notch is the inclusion of a proprietary molded component called the PowerStrap. Integrated into the upper, it works by locking the lateral and medial support. To enhance the overall fit of the Tour S, a molded SecureCollar and ComforTongue are used. They lock the foot in a comfortable and precise way.

Footjoy Tour S Style

Golf has always been tagged as a rich man’s sport. Looking the part isn’t as hard to achieve as this shoe pays close attention to details. The upper of the shoe is as lavish as it can be, thanks to the Pittards leather upper. 

The trainer presents varying textures - smooth on the forefoot and patterned on the sides. Because of this, despite being styled minimally, the shoe gets accents to make it more pleasing on the eyes. 

The bottom of the shoe also displays a unique style component. The shape of the pods holding the spikes is extended that it creates an interesting form.

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