Footjoy Superlites XP review

The Footjoy Superlites XP feels comfortable on the foot and features a stylish, athletic design that golfers everywhere will enjoy. A perfect mix of traditional colors and modern style, the Superlites XP brings the best of both worlds to your game.

Boasting a lightweight build with waterproof protection without compromising breathability for hot days, these golf shoes check a lot of boxes for the golfer. I found traction to be a small concern on wet turf, but walking in these is a breeze.

Who should buy it

The Superlites XP is recommended for golfers who:

  • need a lightweight and athletic golf shoe
  • like a golf shoe that is breathable and waterproof at the same time

Who should NOT buy it

Consider other models if you:


Lightweight comfort is the highlight of the Superlites XP

As the name suggests, Footjoy wanted the Superlites XP to be as lightweight as possible. They delivered on this goal, offering golfers an option that might be one of the lightest golf shoes on the market. 


The Superlites XP is also waterproof

As with most golf shoes from Footjoy, the Superlite XP is also waterproof. This is an impressive quality of the shoe that also features a mesh-like, breathable outer cover to keep your feet cool during warmer days. 


If you have wider feet, look away

The Superlites XP is quite narrow toward the toe, which could be a turn-off for some golfers. Footjoy has a tendency to fit narrow, so it is highly recommended to try on multiple options to find a size that allows for enough room if you have wider feet.


It is very comfortable to walk in

Assuming you prefer a narrow fit and feel, these golf shoes are very comfortable to walk in. The athletic design is closer to that of a sneaker or gym shoe, while the low profile sits just below the ankle. Combine these features with the overall lightweight build, and you’ve got a fantastic shoe to walk 18 holes in.


Designed for the modern golfer

The Footjoy Superlite XP has a modern style without being too over-the-top. Traditionalists will also enjoy these shoes for their fit and athletic feel, as they look great when paired with shorts or slacks.


The Footjoy Superlite XP is very affordable

Priced under $100, the Footjoy Superlite XP is very affordable for its features, fit, and build.


Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 340g
Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Synthetic
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Footjoy

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