Profile of the Footjoy Pro SL Carbon

Who is it for? The entire Tour collection has been the footwear choice of professional golfers for the longest time. The Carbon version targets the following players:

  • Footjoy enthusiasts who are planning to have an upgrade.
  • Athletes who are on the hunt for a premier and tour-proven shoe that is technologically and stylishly packed can greatly appreciate this.  
  • Those who are craving for a responsive and comfortable golf trainer. 

Footjoy Pro SL vs. Footjoy Pro SL Carbon

The Footjoy Pro SL is a revelation for many golfers because it introduced several advancements that help with one's performance. Both models were launched alongside each other, and while both have similarities like the Chromoskin leather upper, midsole cushioning technology, and Infinity outsole, there are additions placed in Carbon that make it a distinguished one.

  • The Ortholite Impressions FitBed contributes to adding comfort and improving the shoe's fit.
  • The upper is supplied with a PowerHarness for further support and swing control.
  • The 3D molded collar brings comfort and a snug fit to any golfers' ankles.
  • The Carbon fiber inlay is the pièce de résistance of this model as it draws high energy return and motion control to the foot.


To infinity and beyond. For the conservatives, doubting the capabilities of the spikeless is normal. Footjoy attempts to end that by formulating the Infinity Outsole. Equipped with 189 traction points 17% additional surface area than regular golf shoes, the Pro SL Carbon aims to provide maximum traction and stability without sacrificing turf contact. 


Dual-density midsole. As part of the Footjoy's Tour collection, it is no surprise that comfort is given much a priority for this model. The Pro SL Carbon boasts of Fine Tuned Foam (FTF), which cushions the foot to comfort in every step. The Ortholite Impressions FitBed works together with the FTF to heighten the comfort and enhance the fit of the shoe. 

The "Secret Sauce". Though the twofold foam technologies act efficiently in serving stability and comfort, full-length Carbon fiber is injected in the middle. Having an elastic component, it snaps back to position on every step. This allows a high recovery period and high energy generation on every step and swing. The brand claims of decreased leg and foot fatigue through this addition. 


Not just the inside. The FJ Pro SL Carbon is outfitted with a luxurious Chromoskin leather upper. Produced by one of the leading produces of high-quality leather since 1826, the shoe carries the legacy and the peace of mind that it is targeted for sports, garnering all the qualities of being lightweight, thin, durable, and supple. Elevating its performance on the course even further, the exterior is guarded with a 2-year waterproofing warranty

Better fit, better game. When it comes to footwear, comfort trumps the top requirement among golfers, but fit holds a large piece in completing this puzzle. The brand recognizes this and integrates a PowerHarness on the sides to amplify medial and lateral support throughout the swing. Furthermore, it is also placed with a 3D molded collar to hug the ankles comfortably. 

Footjoy Pro SL Carbon Style

Priding itself with saddles and old-school designs, the brand steps out of its comfort zone as it introduces fresh designs on the course. As a recent release, the Pro SL Carbon features a blend of modern and traditional. The combination results in a polished look that is versatile yet timeless.

An all-day and year-round piece because of its breathable and waterproof upper, this shoe can also fashionably transition into different seasons and weather. More so, given its spikeless outsole, changing clothes after the game and rocking into the same footwear is also a viable option.

Nice to know

  • The development process of the line involved the inputs and feedback of PGA Tour players Louis Oosthiuzen and Charley Hoffman. 


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