Footjoy Pro SL review

The Footjoy Pro SL is a golf shoe that fans of the brand will rush to add to their collection. The Pro SL has all the qualities you’ll love in a golf shoe, including style, comfort, durability, and protection on the course. I loved the lower profile of the shoe, including the height of the soft spikes on the bottom of the shoe. 

The Footjoy Pro SL golf shoes are a great choice for players who prefer a classic style with athletic shoe features. Golfers who have wider feet may want to choose a different shoe, however those who prefer a sturdy, and snug fit will enjoy the Pro SL. I will be wearing these shoes for multiple golf rounds in the near future.

Who should buy the Footjoy Pro SL 

The Pro SL is ideal for golfers who prefer a classic, traditional look of a golf shoe with modern, athletic features and technology.

Who should NOT buy it

Look away if you:

  • are looking for a breathable golf shoe (the Footjoy Flex is praised for its breathable upper)
  • have wide feet (in this case, the Footjoy ARC SL is worth checking out)

Stability is THE reason to buy this shoe

This golf shoe was designed for stability throughout your golf swing, and it delivers in spades. 


The Footjoy Pro SL felt sturdy and strong on the golf course and during my golf swings. I always felt well connected to the ground with superb traction and control without fear of slipping. On the greens, the shoe’s subtle soft spikes did not tear up the turf and allowed me to “feel” the putting surface with my feet.


Golfers with wider feet should reconsider the Pro SL

The toe area of the shoe was more narrow than I prefer in terms of fit. Right out of the box, this was slightly uncomfortable and took a while to work out naturally. Even after a few wearings, the Footjoy Pro SL fit remained snug, which may turn away golfers with wider feet.


The Footjoy Pro SL keeps your feet dry!

A pleasant surprise with this shoe was its waterproof capabilities. My feet stayed dry, even during a damp autumn round of golf. 


It isn’t very breathable

The Footjoy Pro SL isn’t very breathable. My feet did sweat a bit throughout my round due to the overall coverage of the shoe, which features minimal ventilation. 


While this isn’t a huge deal for me, other golfers who prefer a more breathable golf shoe may want to consider other alternatives.

The Footjoy Pro SL is lightweight

I enjoyed the fact that this shoe isn’t too heavy (14oz/400g), which makes them a breeze to walk 18 holes in. While they are not the lightest shoes on the market (average golf shoe weight is 13.9oz/393g), I found them to be lightweight enough for repeated wear.

The shoe looks great!

As with most Footjoy golf shoes, the Pro SL shoes look fantastic and very stylish. Golfers who prefer a more traditional style will flock to these, while golfers who prefer a more athletic style will also find something to love. 


This is a good “hybrid” shoe in terms of style, fit, and function. 

The Footjoy Pro SL is moderately priced

At a retail price of around $160, these shoes aren’t the most expensive, but by no means the cheapest, either (average golf shoe price is $143). Serious golfers looking to upgrade their footwear will take notice of the Pro SL shoes, especially if you plan on this purchase to last a couple of years.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 400g
Update: Footjoy Pro SL 2022
Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Leather
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic

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