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6 reasons to buy

  • A high number of testers attest that the Footjoy Golf Sneaker has a straight-out-of-the box comfort. It doesn’t require any break-in period.
  • According to several reviewers, the amount of stability that it provides is off-the-charts because of its stable platform. 
  • Some golfers are fans of this Footjoy golf shoe’s construction because it has plenty of toe room and keeps the foot secured.
  • A Few observe that it is a durable shoe made of quality materials. 
  • A couple of individuals assure the usefulness of the waterproof upper.
  • It is worth the price, and golfers who acquired this have no regrets about their purchase.

1 reason not to buy

  • The minority of users suggest that this could use a bit more padding since the spikes can be felt that the bottom of the foot. 

Bottom line

With the different requirements of athletes on the course, having functional yet stylish footwear may seem like hitting a hole in one. The Footjoy Golf Sneaker seems to have aced this department.

Golfers have no complaints about the shoe's construction as it has a stable platform and utilizes a quality and functional material that help them boost their game. 

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Good to know

Who is it for? A reputable brand known for producing golf footwear, Footjoy proves that it has something for every existing player. This shoe will be most appreciated by:

  • Golfers who are craving for something that will endure elevated and soggy surfaces.
  • Those who need stability and comfort for long distances and aggressive swings. 
  • Individuals who want a unique-looking shoe but still appropriate for golfing. 

Traction for years. Do not be deceived with the name “sneaker.” This Footjoy golf shoe has a spiked form and clad with Pulsar cleats by SoftSpikes. A DuraMax rubber serves as the base of the spikes, a proprietary compound that helps durability, grip, and performance. 

Made for comfort. The Footjoy Golf Sneaker is placed with a lightweight cushioning system called the FitBed. It gives plush underfoot comfort as it absorbs impact to avoid pain for walkers and aggressive swingers. 

Only the best. The exterior of this shoe uses a soft yet premium full-grain leather. It brings in the benefits of breathability, comfort, durability, and added style points. It is also treated with waterproof protection and a two-year warranty. It ensures users that, with normal use, it can endure various seasons and hazards. 

Built for competition. The way the Golf Sneaker is assembled with a full rounded character, full instep, full fit across the forefoot, and a slightly narrow heel. It also has an elevated structure from the instep to keep the heel and ankle locked in without restrictions. 

Established in 1857, Footjoy has been known for its developments not just in technologies but also in style. Known for traditionally-styled pieces, the brand’s style continued evolving, and more modern pieces seeped on its roster.

The Footjoy Golf Sneaker may not be for everyone because of its heavily-accented style. The perforations, arch design on the sidewalls, and contrasting embellishments near the eyelets may be too much for the simple guy. Still, it can be quickly embraced by those who are also into the 90s look minus the chunky silhouette.

How to style? Since it continues to sport a sleek shape, it remains versatile and can easily be styled. Pairing it with jogging pants, trousers, and shorts would all work. Introducing colors as well to this monochromatic piece would not clash and cause distraction. 


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