Profile of the Footjoy Fury

Because it belongs to the same price category as the Pro SL, the FJ Fury is described as its spiked model. Though there are design similarities, new technologies are introduced in the Fury. 

The star of the show is the bottom as it is granted with a generous amount of spikes to ensure that traction, stability, and support, are all achieved. 

The secret of Fury's success lies in the way it was developed and constructedーinside out. It means that more than dressing it up into what might impress the eye, comfort, above all else, comes first. 

The TruFit System is truly the revelation for the entire golf community. The three-part system is certainly a revelation because it improves the fit, comfort, stability, and support without adding too much material.


One of the most notable distinctions between this model and the Pro SL is the latter is spikeless and the former is spiked. Nine SoftSpike cleats are scattered on the outer part of the bottom- five on the forefoot and four on the heel. The placement is strategic and intentional because it creates a stable and grippy foundation that is satisfactory for the hazards of the course. 

Wearers can also be assured that, because it comes from a reputable brand, it is long-lasting and grippy. The spikes are easily replaceable as well because it utilizes the Fast Twist 3.0 system. 

The cleats are seated on a different density type TPU outsole. The horizontal lines that are positioned on the interval of the spikes produce rigidity for additional traction.


The interior of the shoe was the brand's first-in-mind upon the shoe's development. The cushioning system was certainly crafted with comfort in mind, and it was achieved through the TruFit system. This technology revolves around the three key features:

  • Placed under the insole is a soft, stretchy, and one-piece Inner Fit Sleeve. It improves the fit because it envelops, from the sides to the tongue. The design secures what is needed in place. 
  • The sole is composed of Ortholite Impressions Bed, wherein it is made up of dual-density foam. The first type is the Impressions Foam, which leaves an imprint of the foot, giving it a custom fit. Another kind is the Open Cell PU Foam, a cushioning system that remembers the foot imprint and, in time, molds it. 

 This technology works similarly to memory foam. The first layer that touches the foot is cushy and soft, but over time, it becomes more comfortable because it molds the foot to perfection. 

  • If Adidas makes use of the Three Stripes, the Fury, in particular, employs five bands. Called the FlexGrid MLC, this features acts more than a decorative accent. It injects additional stability and lateral support because it unifies the inner and outer portions, especially when the shoe is laced. 

The Fury is constructed on a Laser Plus Last. It has a full-rounded toe character with a standard fit across the instep and forefoot and a slightly narrow heel. It accommodates the forefoot when it expands during a stance, but it keeps the heel slip-free as it rotates.


The materials that are wrapping the Fury are a mix of full-grain leather and mesh. Both of which are used advantageously. The leather gives extra durability and structure. The mesh, on the other hand, is positioned on the forefoot to welcome breathability on the interior.

This version is protected with a two-year waterproofing warranty, which means that it can conquer different seasons and weather.

Footjoy Fury Style

Despite an inside-out construction, the interior of the Footjoy Fury is not left forgotten. Different elements are placed on the design. One of which is a contrast of texture through the use of mesh and leather. The sidewalls are also detailed with several lines and inject a tiny Fury emblem. 

While some golfers consider this as too much, the shoe keeps its style modern and sporty. Its all-conditions features enable it to be styled to adapt through the different seasons and weather. Golfers can both wear these with both trousers and shorts, depending on how casual or formal they would want to look. 

Facts / Specs

Weight: 425g
Outsole: Spiked
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Leather Upper
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Footjoy

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