The Footjoy Flex XP review

The Footjoy Flex XP is an athletic golf shoe that will appeal to a wide range of golfers. The lightweight performance mesh keeps the overall weight of the shoe in a comfortable zone, while its waterproof capability keeps your feet dry in wet conditions. Traction with the spikeless bottom sole is spotty, however, as I experienced some slippage on wet grass.

Who should buy the Footjoy Flex XP

The Footjoy Flex XP is for golfers who prefer an athletic-style shoe that fits like a sneaker and offers excellent waterproof technology.

Who should NOT buy the Footjoy Flex XP

Look away if you prefer:

Waterproof Protection is THE reason to buy this shoe

The Flex XP will keep your feet dry in wet conditions, offering technology that I’ve not seen in other golf shoes. 


Whether you’re walking 18 holes in the early morning due or surprised by a mid-round rainstorm, the Flex XP is sure to keep your feet dry and comfortable. I was very impressed with this quality during my time with the shoe, and living in the Midwest, makes these a go-to option for early spring or late autumn rounds.


Not for golfers who prefer a traditional design

While I loved the athletic look and style of the Flex XP, golfers who prefer a more traditional look will want to reconsider. The lightweight materials used in its design are closer to that of a sneaker or gym shoe, which may be unattractive to some golfers. Other options by Footjoy, like the PRO SL, should be considered as alternatives.


This Flex XP is very lightweight!

The Flex XP is very lightweight overall, making them perfect for golfers who prefer to walk. The added stability and support along the lower sole are perfect for hilly courses. I felt like I could walk more than one round of golf in a day wearing these shoes.


The Flex XP is also breathable

You wouldn’t expect a waterproof shoe of this caliber to be breathable, but the Flex XP is exactly that. My feet didn’t sweat during my round, which means these shoes offered the right amount of ventilation.

These shoes can be worn anywhere!

I was able to wear the Flex XP’s on and off the golf course with no problem or worry about the soft spikes on the bottom of the shoe. I could finish my round and hop right into my car without changing out of them.


The Footjoy Flex XP is reasonably priced

At just under $120, the Flex XP is an affordable golf shoe (golf shoes have an average price of $143). While they by no means are the cheapest (see list of cheap golf shoes), the waterproof capabilities make these shoes more than worth the price.


Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 375g
Base model: Footjoy Flex
Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Synthetic
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic

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