Footjoy Flex review

The Footjoy Flex is a great shoe option for golfers who prefer a sneaker-like fit. The toes of the shoe are wider, which will appeal to many golfers who are looking for more room in this part of the shoe. These are very breathable and are a perfect option for warmer days, but buyers beware of little to no waterproof protection. Traction is ideal for many playing conditions and the Footjoy Flex can be worn on or off the golf course.

Who should buy the Footjoy Flex

The Footjoy Flex is recommended for golfers who:

  • have wider feet or prefer a roomier fit
  • are looking for an athletic, sneaker-like golf shoe

Who should NOT buy this shoe

Look away if you:

  • prefer a traditional, classic look (you may want to consider the Footjoy PRO SL)
  • want a waterproof or water-resistant shoe (the Flex XP is praised for its waterproof feature)

The Footjoy Flex is comfortable!

Comfort is the primary reason you should consider the Footjoy Flex. The soft outer material wraps around your foot nicely while the inner sole offers a great combination of cushion and support.



Not for narrow feet

While these shoes offer great stability and support, golfers with narrow feet may find the Footjoy Flex to be too roomy. Excessive movement within the shoe can cause discomfort for some golfers.


These shoes are breathable

Thanks to the porous soft outer material, the Footjoy Flex has good airflow throughout the shoe’s inner build. Your feet will be well-ventilated no matter the playing conditions.


Footjoy Flex is not water-resistant

Golfers who need shoes with waterproof technology should stay away and instead consider a shoe with better protection.


Extremely lightweight!

The Footjoy Flex is a very lightweight shoe that golfers who prefer to walk will love.


The Footjoy Flex is very affordable

Since the golf shoe in this review are from a previous season, the Footjoy Flex is very affordable and can be found for under $60.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 400g / Women 230g
Outsole: Spikeless
Material: Synthetic
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Footjoy
Colorways: Blue / White / Black / Grey / Pink

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Adam Fonseca

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