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7 reasons to buy

  • A high number of users typically use the word comfortable in describing the Footjoy Flex. 
  • A significant number of users find its traction feature excellent. They are glad that they did not experience slipping on both wet and dry conditions. 
  • Several individuals enjoy the spikeless outsole because it also doubles as an incredible off-the-course shoe. 
  • Worrying about breathability is impossible for many because of the breathable mesh upper that this Footjoy golf shoe possesses. 
  • A small percentage of testers claim that it has a stable base that facilitates natural movement throughout each shot. 
  • One mentions that he appreciates that this model has wide and extra-wide offerings as it is quite rare for golf shoes. 
  • For the features of this item, a few individuals note that it is value for money.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A high number of testers state that the absence of a waterproof feature is a huge letdown for such a fantastic shoe. 
  • Some are not fans of its tongue construction. As it is completely attached to the upper, it makes wearing the shoe hard.
  • A couple of purchasers experience issues on the separation of the toe area and sole after only a few rounds. 
  • Numerous golfers are not fans of Flex's construction. The back rides a bit high causing blisters.

Bottom line

Possessing a name that fits its profile, this Footjoy golf trainer is built to flex its flair on the course. Aside from the straight-out-of-the-box comfort, the traction that it brings wowed many spikeless skeptics. Not only does it perform well on the course, the FJ Flex also functions as an excellent trainer that can be worn anywhere else beyond the links.

If only these came with a waterproof upper, the product would've gotten a higher score from its commenters.

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Good to know

Being in the business since the 1920s, Footjoy's never-ending quest to address the demands of the golfers continues. For the Flex, the brand covered its tracks by ensuring that it fulfills comfort, traction, and stability – all the qualities needed to power through a powerful swing and miles of walking. Though it may not lean towards the premium side, it works great for driving ranges, and practice plays. 

The key element that is emphasized on the shoe is the Versa-Trax. This recent addition on FJ golf shoes sports an intricate pattern that is ideal for different surfaces. Moreover, as on off-course shoe, its revolutionary design makes it suitable for areas beyond the fairways.

Complemented by a performance mesh upper, this shoe is a must-have when the weather is perfect for playing on the range or the greens.

Zonal grip. The outsole of the Flex is infused with a revolutionary outsole called the Versa-Trax. It is a proprietary design that boosts traction. This feature comes useful for golf-specific movements, especially when grounding the feet for a swing or when walking for miles. 

Some sections on the bottom are clad with pointier lugs. These are positioned on areas where high pressure is placed to encourage grip where it is needed. On the other hand, another zone of the sole sports a flatter surface. It is intended for this area as this is where more ground surface is achieved. 

The Versa-Trax outsole does not only attain green-friendliness, but also makes the FJ Flex an excellent shoe that can be worn on the 19th hole and beyond. 

Cushion infusion. Placed in the middle layer is a soft EVA foam. The underfoot cushioning elevates comfort, stability, support, which is ideal for long-distance walking.

Breathe with mesh. This Footjoy footwear is clad with a two-tone mesh upper. While this is not a usual material used on golf shoes, it is the best material for dry and hot weather as it invites breathability on the interior without weighing the foot down. 

Fit. The mesh upper wraps the foot comfortably and gives enough padding for protection from the hazards. A traditional lace-up closure helps lock the foot securely. 

Sporty construction. The construction of the Flex sports a Laser Sport Last wherein it has a rounded toe design, standard fit across the instep and forefoot, and slightly narrow heel. This shape accommodates the foot and promotes natural movement by not constricting the foot. Toe spring is also inserted to seal the athletic profile of the Flex. 

Right off the bat, the design of the Footjoy Flex shares similar looks to runners and sneakers. Its athletic profile cannot be denied because of the way the shoe is constructed. With that, it may appeal to younger consumers or those who prefer to bring their casual game on the course.

The shoe is also meant as a piece that can be taken anywhere outside the greens. Its style is versatile enough to work even for errands or for the office. The mesh upper helps add dimension and texture to the upper. 

Being a product that is ideal for the perfect weather, wearing this shoe with shorts or trousers with a polo shirt will be a safe choice. Those who want to experiment and stand out a bit can incorporate vibrant colors into their wardrobe.


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