Profile of the Footjoy Contour Series

Footjoy, being the leading manufacturer of golf shoes, boasts of the Contour Series as their most popular model. Since its first release in 2011, FJ continuously updates the Series and injects several changes to the already excellent pair. 

The freshest edition continues to hold casual styling that has been prevalent in the past. But, the use of Nappaluxe leather on the upper levels up its comfort and style game up a notch. The Pulsar spikes are also an incredible addition as it brings unbeatable ground grip.


The spikes used on the Contour Series utilizes the best-selling golf cleat. Called the Pulsar cleats, it features the similar advantages of Black Widow. The radiused legs and cleat webbing delivers excellent turf grip, durability, and easy maintenance.


The name of the trainer is not for nothing. The shoe’s interior and the way it is constructed draws heavily on the contours of the foot. Firstly, it features a formed PU Fit-Bed that coordinates with the shape of the midsole and last. The underfoot base copies the natural shape of the foot to guarantee comfort throughout the 18 holes. 

The built of the Contour Series holds the brand’s signature fit. It features a full round toe attribute that covers the entire forefoot and the last bottom that is molded to follow the form of the foot.


Despite the casual styling of this golf shoe, luxury is still injected on this model through the incredibly soft full-grain Nappaluxe leather. Covering almost the entirety of the shoe, this upper material gives a supple and grand look and feel.

Footjoy Contour Series Style

The resemblance of the Footjoy Contour Series to sneakers is uncanny. The Cup Sole DuraMax Rubber Construction contrasted by the Nappaluxe leather creates an interesting distinction in terms of texture and color. 

Overall, the appearance of the shoe can be described as casual. The versatility of the leather, nonetheless, gives it an elevated look that works well on different occasions and weather conditions. Pairing it with shorts and trousers will work both ways.

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